Roy Brown


It is hard for me when I know such a good person passes on and I have no information. That is not anybody’s fault. I knew Bobby much better than Roy. At anytime if Bobby and his family has a photo or two or a story to put here please get it to me in the group or a pm, something!

Many of you are thinking , Shane this already happened. I know and you know but many don’t. This is my attempt to sort out my memorial media page to make it easier for us to find someone .

It takes me more time to recover after creating a page. Everybody should go have a little fun while they can!

Shane K Smith

20200414. I have no details I know Bobby Brown better. Maybe he will give us more details on the passing of his brother Roy Brown. Roy was from The Class of 1977.

Terry Waller

Shane K Smith he will be at Powles in Rockwell, he passed between 4:30 and 5:00 this morning at his mothers house, been battling cancer around a year now

  Scott Wagoner

I really thought a lot of Roy. He was a great guy. This saddens me. <><

  Carolyn Wilson

Blessings to Roy Brown’s family. ’77

Jane Edwards

Yep! Oh my gosh! To be young!

Sherry Weddington Beaver On that same page we have also lost Terry Beaver, Sheila Bonds and Randall Combs that I know of

Shane K SmithAuthorAdminSherry Weddington Beaver, Any chance you have an obit or any old photos?

Ricky Dale Phillips RIP

Steven Ellsworth My old buddy Rick Phillips that grew up about three blocks from me … and my friend and customer Robin Phillips.

Shane K Smith 20200418. Many thanks to Tammy Cook for posting about Ricky Dale Phillips. Many oif Tammy’s friends had great things to say about him on her page.

Aroo Hu “ain’t no” Fu Fu!

Cut courtesy Ruff Life Grooming Clemmons, NC. My Miniature Schnauzer is no Foo Foo Lady. She can dress up and She can take you out! My Rat Terrier is about 13 and has a case of Diabetes. He is blind and can barely hear. However my Schnauzer has the body language to help put him in his place!

Taco the Rat Terrier says even a blind dog can see that!

William Leroy “Bill” Lowery

Hi I am Bill Lowery’s sister…In memory of William Leroy ”Bill” Lowery he was class of 76 he did not graduate from South Rowan but finished his education at RCCC.

Find his classmates here:

Blue Birds

I hope these are Blue Birds. I am not a bird expert. However, these Blue Birds tolerate me, barely. We have all learned to turn the traffic noise from the front yard in to Beach Waves. After about five years it begins to work.

I hope to add to this story. I’m going to try some interval shooting and try to get some stills.