South Rowan Class of 1973


William Deal and Judy Castor Deal

The Deals gave Shane permission to publish these collections!

All of these SlickR Flickrs are in working order. It took me two years to find the right formula. That means if you line up and touch the middle of the far right of the photo, magic happens. You get a cursor. Keep clicking on that cursor and you can see your friends fast or slow. You can also click on the flickr link if you want to view them the flickR way! Don’t let the top photo fool you. That is called a feature photo. It stands alone.

South 1973 By Judy and William Deal SRHS 45th Slide Show Partial Slide2

You might think these albums are duplicated but they aren’t. FlickR is fighting me. I changed the lead photo for The Deal’s presentation. However no matter how hard I try both of these blocks jump to the group shot. They are different albums. If you find me wrong and I have duplicated an album please find me.

South 1973 By Judy and William Deal SRHS 45th Slide Show Full Slide3

Some of your photos may have gotten squeezed while viewing Flickr on WordPress. If that bothers you you can view the photo on Flickr and get back to normal!

South 1973 By Judy and William Deal srhs 4th candids  46399937_10215077911475129_6819348179788496896_o

Judy and William!  Thank You so much for putting this together.  The before and after segment had to be particularly tedious and time consuming.  I really admire the both of you!


Bonus from Shane!

The trains have all been restored by now.
Judy Castor Deal William Deal Trains Open House 20170115_2751
Judy Castor Deal William Trains 20160103_8298

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