Ricky Baugess, RIP

Ricky Baugess


Ricky Baugess had it all going on. We may have posted about him before. He became good with martial arts after School. One day he was jogging and a driver ran him over. I don’t have the real story but David Seagroves
, Ken Beaver
Or@Karl Karl F Rau
may fill in the blanks. I was on a long trip when it happened. RIP Baugess you were a tough athlete. I’m glad I played you in Tennis and never had to spar with you

DC Goodman

He was running or jogging at the Salem Burg, Police Academy when it happened

Kathy Sechler

Shane K Smith South Rowan by Shane ‘73 to ‘77. He was training officer for Rowan County Sheriffs Dept. Was at Justice Academy in Salemburg NC for continuing education. Was jogging and was hit by car. It was late afternoon when sun was going down. Driver said he didn’t see him. Not charged.

Kathy Sechler

, Thank You!

Carol Corl

So sad·

 Terry Bunn

Yeah he was doing some kind of police training out of town I think in Tennessee or Kentucky and he was doing his morning jog I believe in somebody hit and killed him there was a hell of a nice guy I can say that he was my friend

·  Mick Lowe

I respect him a lot

·  Kim Corum

I remember this very well. He wasn’t far from where I lived at the time of his accident. I was good friends with him and his wife Kathy. We went to church together and worked the bus route together. Very heart breaking.

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