South Rowan Memorial 1973 to 1977

I’m about to take on a monumental task.  This will take me awhile to get up to speed with the information I have.  I’ve predicted a shift in Social venues for many years and I have decided to take control of my own page so I can direct it wherever I want.  This menu will change because I’m doing it on the fly!

My information is everything I have collected from reunions and hear say on Facebook.  I even created a book once for those of us that have passed on and trusting my information I added Frank White to the group of the dearly departed.  Frank surprised us at one of our re-unions and gave me the honor of signing my book!

I’ll be using the key words RIP, R.I.P. in our Facebook group so I can find conversations better when I need to do a search. Let’s not confuse our 1973 to 1977 group with a group called South Rowan Memorial.  Over 200 of our members belong to the South Memorial group.

Thanks, Shane

I will begin to re-build this section from within our group in my media section.

I have begun a photo section, but remember photos are not always available.

Frank says “He Ain’t Dead Yet!”

The galleries are clickable. Click on a photo and you can surf them one by one. Most of them are titled.

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