Bands – Moments of Extreme Coincidence or Divine Intervention?

A Band Poster from a  Black Oak Arkansas group triggers good memories and is a sure thing for Divine Intervention or moments of extreme coincidence for me.  I have come close to all but The California Jean Joint.

Let’s see if I can explain.  I photographed Black Oak Arkansas when I was a Junior or Senior in High School.  Years later Black Oak Arkansas and Atlantic Records AJ Deprimo picked a few of my photos for a BOA webisode.  I got my name on a Rock and Roll Album!

Come back because there is more.

Somewhere between High School and College I photographed The James Gang with Tommy Bowlin before his Deep Purple gig.

I have been to Erie Pennsylvania where one of the greatest least known Frisbee players lives, Lee Sedgewick.  Years later  at an  Amusement Park in Conneaut Lake Park Pennsylvania where I was paid to Play Frisbee for two summers , Rick Ploski gave me a backstage Pass to a Peter Frampton Concert.

On this ticket is a band that @Bill Scott turned us all on to from a Club in Concord called  SGT. Peppers from 1979ish Called Razz Ma Tazz.  Bill is still in touch with a member of the band. The band member is now a Doctor.  I have a few slides from a Razz Ma Tazz show at Peppers.

Razz Ma Tazz had smoke, Neon lights and a choreographed show.   I can’t remember if it was Razz Ma Taz or RazzMaTazz.

I love this stuff!

This brings Rich Bartle to mind and  how cool it would be to watch his life as a promoter.  Rich just happens to be a World Class World Champion Freestyle Disc Player.  This is beyond this thread but I can’t help but mention that Rich mentioned our friend @Bill Scott’s band when he was doing a video.  The video showed gold albums and guitars from bands he hosted.  And he built a stage for Bill Scott’s band when Angelina Jolie hosted Bill’s band for Billy Bob Thornton’s Birthday party.  Billy got flown out to LA for a surprise party and met people like Tom Petty!  Talk about runnin’ down a dream!

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