S-Curves, split screens, New Camera through Fall Color change 20221005.

I will be learning a lot this fall. I’m practicing hitting the curves better. Not necessarily fast but better so when the experts come up behind me they can zip on by. So far the experts have really appreciated my attempts. The coolest flashed a cool peace sign with his left hand under his right elbow at the same time he was hitting a left curve one handed. I had my wife on the back. He made us feel good and not in the way. I’m not scraping any knees or pedals yet but I am getting good advise and practicing for The Dragon Tail by finding as many curvy roads within an hour of me. I will be editing my work in Final Cut Pro and need to learn screen splitting! I have graduated from a GoPro 4 Hero to a GoPro 11 Black. This first practice series on a couple of S curves takes several minutes. This will be highly likely my last use of the GoPro

Killboy replied to your comment on Killboy’s page.

Thanks Shane! You’re on the right track just by asking these questions and being honest with yourself, so that’s a good start. As for focusing on staying in the right half of your lane, I don’t expect many people to be able to realistically do that without years of practice here, but it’s just something to focus on and keep in mind when you’re out there. Practice making a run once in a while on this road at a slower pace, and push yourself to stay as close to the white line as you can to make your brain stop fighting it. Then you when you faster you will feel less panic about going AROUND the lefts instead of trying to cut across them. In the end though, nothing beats repetition. If you just keep going back and forth on the road and start to get it figured out, find the rhythm, and eventually start memorizing it, that is when you can truly relax and enjoy it. Until you know what each turn does, you always have to keep some in reserve for the unknown.”

Killboy runs an awesome photo site on The Tail of The Dragon. However don’t forget about me! Come back and visit or open his page in a new tab.

GoPro Hero 4 at 4K.

I will be updating this S curve series as I learn about the GoPro 11 Black. I’m

hoping for an interesting change in colors.

GoPro 11 Black above, Slightly slanted.

Sick Bike Man!

I need to load this ride around the block near Winston-Salem from a youtube link.

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