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You can tell a class act when you meet one!  In this case I met two!  Bubba Blackwell and his partner Ron worked their asses off in 100 degree plus weather for two shows at Smokin’ Harley Davidson in Winston-Salem, NC 20190713!  He treated me to a first-class spot and made me feel at home right away!  I’ll have some video ready before long!  I’d love to see his big truck jumping ramp set up but there just wasn’t room where we were.  I got a kick out of  his five-biker chick jump!  One biker chick was strapped with a nine or a 40 so if he missed she could come up shooting!

Thank You Bubba!

Thank You Ron!


The Famous Five Biker Babe jump will be reloaded via youtube. Stay tuned up!

Full Resolution photos on Flickr.  Use the Flickr photos.  Facebook steps on a 25mb Flickr photo and smashes it to 78kb.  There should be a download option on Flickr.com.


Mash on the ▶️ forward button to see those photos come to life!

Motorcycle Stunt Rider Bubba Blackwell Harley Davidson Smokin Harley 20190713_0138

Bubba’s Youtube



A special thanks to:

 Full Throttle Magazine for making time to send me the uncut version of this photo!


Update 20210419.

From Bubba Blackwell. “My last jump October 24, 2020, Hellfighters USA Laurel Mississippi.
I returned my XR750 to my longtime Jump Bike sponsor George Schott in Auburn ME 1200 miles away so I will not be tempted to change my mind.
Thanks to Harley-Davidson, Dunlop, Bell helmets, and tons of
H-D dealerships around the U.S.
But mostly “The Fans” that rooted me on and prayed for me when things didn’t work out right…
42 broken bones is more than enough and I’m excited about buying my new semi truck and making my new company successful!!!!
We will be at many races and events so we hope to continue to see everyone.
Time to move on”

Bubba Blacwell Quote.

“Found this in Ron’s photos…When I jumped the 15 buses in Las Vegas, we didn’t have much time for practice, so we built a table for the existing ramp, and lifted it high enough to clear the bus. Was 13’6” and we just built a new approach and I just eyeballed it… it worked. Left the ramp at 87mph and landed at an unexaggerated 157’ later making it the longest XR750 jump12/18/99”

Bubba Blackwell

  “One year ago today, 20211035, my VERY last jump…I had a much more fulfilling career than I ever dreamed imaginable!“I absolutely left it all out there and will never ever jump again…” Thanks so much to so many! Family and friends, Harley-Davidson MC, Buell, Dunlop tires, Bell helmets, Vanson leathers, Peavy, and many associated support sponsors. MANY HD dealerships who spent money on their great customers by throwing big events! My 17 year Manager/Agent/Mentor/Friend CK Spurlock who I still speak with as often as I can…. You taught me more about being successful in Life before Business!

Teach us Bubba! I want to learn how to do this turn!

Bubba Blackwell

“To all of my friends and the fans of my motorcycle efforts…

Most of you don’t know about the severity of the amount of brain damage that I have. Not something I’m excited to talk about… but, 6 months after my Del Mar crash, I had one of those intense brain scans where they shoot dye into your system and you lie still for at least 30 min. while this machine scans all over your head…

Well, the results indicated a substantial amount of scar tissue all over my brain. I asked my Doctor what did it mean and he said it is all ok, no balance problems, just whenever I get older, I will probably have symptoms like a punch drunk boxer… well, that was 21 years ago!!!

Y’all pray for Jocelyn A Garrett and everyone else around me as I’m beginning to deal with a lot of frustration with staying on task.”

Bubba Blackwell

A little personal, but maybe someone here can use it…

Reflecting on my morning yesterday… (I hit a huge deer and caused lots of damage to my semi truck) When I moved to Chattanooga January 2018, I had a borrowed tank of fuel and a bag of change with nowhere to go but up.

In January 2021 We bought Big Red and our life completely changed for the better. I run with 6 other owner/operators with tons of experience who warned me about chasing the money. No matter how much you make, you’ll find yourself running harder because it’s there for the taking. Jocelyn has been concerned lately about how much I’ve been running and waking up at 2am and going til 6-7-8pm. Well, yesterday it turns out God sacrificed a huge deer to intervene and snap me back into reality.

No matter how much money you make or have… your 3 year old won’t stay 3 and your family does need you, not just your money.

“Life is about Balance”

I spent all day yesterday freaking out and looking for another semi truck to buy. Insurance company called and was very helpful and gave me information and a plan so I called around to line up repairs. We are already going to Arizona Saturday for Thanksgiving, and the shop I have lined up, expects Big Red should be ready when I return…

Goes to show, nothing is as bad as it seems, and remember that God needs to smack you back into line on occasion.

Setbacks, Failures and Disappointments is often the Universe redirecting your footsteps…. Don’t Freakout like I often do too much. Take a deep breath, blow it out slowly and search for the lesson in the chaos.

Chances are, it’s in there somewhere.

Thanks Jocelyn A Garrett… you are wise beyond your years and I love you!!!”

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