Scott Starr, R.I.P. October 2022

Scott reached out to us on many occasions for awhile. My best for now is to try my best to keep some of his work alive. If you can get his treasures to me I can preserve them. I will be editing this page a lot. So visit from time to time and keep hisContinue reading “Scott Starr, R.I.P. October 2022”

Sade (Char-Day)

Nothing can come between us! BMW R 1250 GS Adventure! “Main Specs First Day New Tool! Much more to come! She cut through an amazing storm like butter with Fire engines , EMTs and Rescues squads called out in several counties. That’s the way I like it! I will have thousands of photos in theContinue reading “Sade (Char-Day)”

Dell Guthrie, R.I.P.

These top two are embedded FlickR albums. You can hover your mouse over the right edge near the middle and a cursor will come up. If you hit the link to FlickR, no problem. Sometimes the wordpress version of FlickR photos smashes a photo. Click on the FlickR link within the box and you canContinue reading “Dell Guthrie, R.I.P.”

Myrtle Beach Travel Park

I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to pull into a large park and have a few feet between neighbors. Almost every spot in campgrounds in Myrtle Beach or Surfside are so close you can hand your neighbor a drink from each other’s door step. You might look at this stormy featureContinue reading “Myrtle Beach Travel Park”