Special thanks to Scott Thompson! Scott is the creator of the X-Disc! I’ve had more fun with X-Discs than I can put in words. Using this Disc is an ideal way to bring in a crowd and put a smile on someone’s face!

Anne Whitton Bolyea Shane K Smith I still remember the frisbee with triangle

dome on it you gave me!

Shane K SmithAnne Whitton Bolyea, That is so nice! The inventor of that disc Scott Thompson invested a ton of money into it. I had about a dozen when I gave one to you. Then the Pyra-Disc disappeared. I then only had two to do my shows with. I passed those two discs around between thousands of kids. Scott became a mountain climber among many other cool adventures. Then a few years ago The X-Disc. www.xddisc.com appeared. Scott brought the Pyra Disc back to life. I managed to get about 30 with my name on them! I am very proud! I had to hide the last two I had in a foot locker and have a couple kids guard them for me. Until I can get some more of those made only a few people will get one of mine. I’d be honored if you’d let me save one for you.

Shane Raises Money to Help Fight Muscular Dystrophy. He makes a Pit Stop in Ohio to Spin The Dialing for Dollars Wheel!

Shane’s Flying Disc Show Spins The Dialing For Dollars Wheel for WUAB TV 43 with Jack Reynolds! Shane Toured Ohio raising money for Muscular Dystrophy.

Shane K Smith, 7-up, Muscular Dystrophy and Pyra Disc on WUAB-TV!

Maggie, But what do you really do for a living?

I could randomly be seen running around the front page of newspapers and sneaking into TV studios “Spinning” The dialing for dollars wheel! After all, The wheel does look like a Flying Disc! You mentioned Ohio before your Pizza date but I thought you might get a kick out of this.

Click on each photo above.

Be sure to buy Scott Thompson’s book!

Bridging The Gap


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