Gas Prices 20220309

Try to keep the comments inside the lines of truth. I’m going to zap any memes. Try to use your own brain and make a researched comment. This is 20220309. My first thought is that I may be able to find a few camping spots open this year! Second thought is I have never gotten more than 8 miles to the gallon before I bought my truck! 15 to 20 city is great for me. I get Eight mpg while pulling a small fort behind me. I’ve been stranded in worse places and was happy to be there! Within a two, four, eight or 12 hour trip from me I have some really cool places to see. I’ve criss crossed the US so many times that living in my drive way is a luxury. The idea of traveling to a place without having to hurry through it and actually experiencing the feel of the area is still a possibility. Once I get my motorcycle running again I can make it to the store. I’m not beyond riding an electric motorcycle! There is more.

I have to get a new formula for Hours to the tank instead of miles. When I lived on the road full time, that’s how I figured my expenses. It is easier.

Remembering 2016 when gas was 2 something if you could find it!

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