Neal and Jerrod May 2015

Where did five years go? Today is 20230411  This event by Neal and Jerrod is one of the best events I have been part of.  I have to brag; I’ve been on stage with Jefferson Starship!  I didn’t just ramble on there either.  I often have thought that Neal and Jerrod should have been Rock stars.  But each of them are famous in their own arts and have large audiences all over the United States.  This was an awesome idea for an alumni event.  We have former Miss World America, Debbie Freeze Ghant to thank for this! This event brought us teachers from our Junior High School years on both sides, like Landis and China Grove. Jerrod had to travel from New York City.  These two packed the church and everybody got dressed up! 

You might be wondering if I am just getting to this or what?  If that is the case that is good because I have brought you a new memory.  But over 400 of us took the time to watch this hour video even after going to the concert.  My videos got taken down because I violated some rules.  Imagine that.  So, I am re-building.  It is as simple as that.  Before I kick the bucket, I wanted our friends to have a chance to witness two great singers in action. I am paying a special premium price to make it easy for you to download these videos in any size you want them.  That means from a wide screen TV to a video phone. 

I took lots of photographs and Julie was there to help with cookies and group shots!

We worked our butts off to make this happen.  Not every alumni group can pull this sort of thing off.  But we did it!  I have photos to prove it!  You may catch a glimpse of Mrs. Isley, Mrs. Poole, Mr. Beaver, Mrs. Corriher and even Mr. Middleton was there.

Download Video in any size:

Just below is a zip file with 555 photos from Neal and Jerrod’s event. I had to reduce the photos because i can’t afford the web space. I tried above to load all 555 photos but not all of them made it to press because of something called a valid JSON response. I have removed the flickr link and will attempt to load an adobe link that allow full resolution downloads.

All 553 photos made it to the adobe link and each are downloadable in full resolution one by one.

If you are in a hurry I created a file with reduced resolution you can download all at once.

From Magis Media Jerrod in New York

If Jerrod was a rapper or a DJ he could reach out and do some Scratchin’ with the $ bling.

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