Surfside Beach, SC, Suck Bang Blow, Dead Dog Saloon, Murrells Inlet, SC, Georgetown, SC

Jim Bob’s Bike

Myrtle Beach, SC. Murrell’s Inlet.  SBB Suck Bang Blow. Dead Dog Salon.

Don’t Piss off Jim Bob.  No Shit!

This is our Shakedown Cruise with our Raptor 332 TS.  It is brand new and we are finding plenty wrong!  We also are finding plenty right! This is our Valentine’s anniversary and won’t let the problems ruin our vacation. 20170213.

I was treated to an awesome ride from a South Alumni and her husband, Courtney Parham Stewart (Becky) and her husband Erik!  We were joined by Phillip and Barbie! They timed the ride perfectly into the sunset!

Surfside  Beach Lakewood Campground vacation boltiton Bar crate dogs 20171117 600 _3296 Moon Sunset
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I could not bear to cut much from such a perfect ride. My battery died and that pulled us even closer. My four new friends had me jumped faster than I could crank it if it was running!

One of these days one of us may not have a motor running and will want to kick back for a long ride. That’s why I couldn’t bare to cut much. I re-made this video twice.

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