Aroo Gets Spa Day

Aroo is 13 months old! Taco is almost 13 years old (maybe). She will stay clean until she wakes up from her nap. That is because she is a real dog! Thanks to Ruff Life Grooming for a great cut! Aroo’s mother has a full liver color. The liver color is beginning to comeContinue reading “Aroo Gets Spa Day”

Aroo Takes over the Beach

Aroo saw her first ocean. She was apprehensive about the water at first but after the fifth day she was knee deep in the water. Nobody is a stranger to her and she informs them I need to stay six feet away. Keeping a clean house after being in the sand requires tons of teamContinue reading “Aroo Takes over the Beach”

Tanglewood Park

I have history with Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC since I was twelve years old. At the time the head coach for Wake Forest University used to teach private Tennis Lessons at the Tanglewood Tennis Courts. I am almost 63 now and I am just beginning to explore the park to its full potential.  IContinue reading “Tanglewood Park”