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Somewhere in my files is a signed newspaper article from Mike when he was 14.

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Michael Spinman Kettman

2/16/16 10:46:32 PM

I have practiced spinning objects my entire life.  I can spin the usual food trays, books, plates laptops and Frisbee flying discs.  I made my living spinning Frisbee Flying Discs for over 25 years.  My talents have put me on stage with famous bands such as Jefferson Starship, Kansas, Jan and Dean, Quiet Riot and Cheap Trick.  Because of my abilities I appeared with the greatest entertainers in the World such as Bello and Jennifer Nock.  Selling my show I often wound up in a Novelty entertainment category but had the great privilege to meet self motivated entertainers of the highest caliber. I had national sponsors.  I entertained kids in thousands of schools.  Around 1986 I was 29 to 30 years old.  I met a savant spinner who was only 14 years old.  He was already spinning 10 basketballs at one time.  I taught him how to do an inversion and encouraged his talent to the best of my ability.  Over the years we have kept in touch and Michael Spinman Kettman has gone on to set many World Records and has the capacity to set a dozen more.  His World Records are only limited by his or his sponsors imaginations.  Highly talented people are usually multi-talented people.  Mike has other martial artist type skills with spinning objects.  However, he is also a World Class Kite Flier and shooter.  His audiences are also hands on and awed.  I lived in the same town as Mike for two years.  Now I live ten hours away.  I came to his hometown recently for a vacation.  When I walked into his house he showed me his show room for his memorabilia.  Along his wall were basketballs with his name on them and World Record certificates from Guinness Book of World Records. Included in that display was an autographed Frisbee from Crazy John Brooks from an appearance they made together on That’s Incredible.  That’s Incredible was a national TV show in the 1980’s early 1990’s.  My personal Frisbee was also on that wall along with two of my mini-frisbees!  What an INCREDIBLE kind gesture for me to see!

Thank You Mike!

Spin-Man Does Poker!

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