South 35 By Sammy

We still call him Sammy! He is the only photographer among all of us that has been flown to college sports events, been given his own office and run of the stadiums! At one of our re-unions I was set to do some portraits and my lights failed. Sam Roberts saved the day as he pulled out a few strobes out of his bag of tricks. This was a fun re-Union. Bill Scott showed up after most of you had left. He came straight from a pro music gig. You can see the time on the clock says 12 something am and Shane is the designated driver! Sammy stayed to take the shot. Sammy is one of two people that ever asked me if I needed help carrying all my equipment back to the truck! Why Hell Yes I do! Thanks! Scott Smith, the lucky guy that married Donna Phillips is the other one. Thank You, Thank You Very much!

South Rowan 35 SamR_SRClassof1975_1001

Published by shanesflyingdiscshow did thousands of Frisbee shows all over the United States for over 30 years. Shane is also a photographer.

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