South Pets Of The Month!

Update 20220826 National Pet Day! But we know it is always National Pet day around here!

The above are clickable.

Sometimes I link to FlickR. Sometimes I don’t. I have no reason why. If you need the Pet owner’s name or need to see a larger view, click on the photo. You can then use the < or > things!

Please post photos of you and your dog or a cool dog in our Facebook group and I’ll do my best to get it in here.

Click on the above images for names and solo views. You can find the cursor and surf!

Cool Cats are welcome!

Hopefully Teresa Keiger will treat us with some favorites!

Casey's Duck (4)
I have over 3500 photos here.
Tina Shoemaker Smith dogs Ivy Gracie 20150117_5847
Hover a mouse over this and The door opens to more South Dogs!

FlickR smashes photos up a lot. To get the correct size you will have to click on the album link until i can figure it out.

Click on each photo above to find names. You can surf these within WordPress.

This is my first attempt at a large collage for these photos. it is one single image with 11 photos.
This is one single image of eleven photos sized for a Facebook cover.

I’m trying something new with the subscribe button. Let’s say in case of a Facebook walk out or something. I will need to be able to find you.

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