Diane Hoffman Presents Havoc

Well!  Hell Yeah!

Diane Hoffman Presents Havoc 20190217

After Hours Tavern

1614 N. Main St.

High Point, NC 27262

First you have to pick up a guitar or a set of drum sticks then learn how to play.  Then you have to find a dedicated singer or fake it yourself.  Now ,You can stay in your Mom’s basement for 40 years but eventually you are going to have to sell an act.  Most of us can’t even make plans with a Hot Date where we are going to go for the night.  Try Organizing just one show for a band.  You make sure the band and all the band’s guests are taken care of.  Then comes the media.  You want to give the photographers and videographers as much latitude as possible unless they are socially unacceptable.

The first thing you know are the bands fan club is going to come and hold their I phones in the face of the band blocking your pro shot.  It is a new thing.  Watch where the pro photographer is setting up then run in front of him with your Iphones.  But this fan club isn’t getting a shot.  They are moving their Iphones and shaking them with the beat of the music.

No band or photographer or videographer is worth a damn without a good sound and light man!  I would love to met Craig Clarke in Sarasota someday.  I wanted to give a special Shout out to the Sound  man and the light  show guy Larry Hedrick from After Hours Tavern.  The club was clean and didn’t smell like bar rot.  You know that bar rot…..The kind that eats the rubber off the waitresses and bar tender’s shoes and burns their feet!

Diane Hoffman is a gifted singer and musician.  She pulls two jobs and also manages to  keep bands together and finds them nice places to play!  Havoc along with Larry Hedrick the light guy made it  easy to photograph and get video of their metal rock band.  The drummer was set up on a stage and the cymbals weren’t blocking his face.  The musicians didn’t step over each other and made it easy to get full shots and close ups of them working together.  The tough part was getting over all the  IPhones.

Havoc had a Judas Priest like singer in the audience, Brian Meyer and let him get on stage.  Then my favorite, Diane Hoffman kicked off her shoes and sang rock and Roll and the blues right out of the starting gate.  Havoc traveled from Myrtle Beach to entertain us in High Point.  The opening act was  awesome too!

When I get together with Diane I’ll get contact info on how to book her bands.  When the opening act contacts me I’ll pass along the contact info.

Diane made it possible for you guys to use these photos.  Please download the high resolution photos on Flickr and not the stepped on version on facebook.  Facebook has a purpose  But they mash a 30mb photo to 80kb. Give Shane K. Smith a credit when you share, put my name on your album cover if you use them for an album (CD).  Give me back stage passes!  When the money starts flowing pass some around!


Mark Weddington: guitar and vocals

Binny Orell: guitar and vocals

Jace Weddington: bass and vocal  

Joel Ayers :drums

For now my Vimeo account is down 20200424. I am going to leave my page in limbo because they may give it back to me. I violated some copy-rite laws. Vimeo sent me a refund but can’t let me come back. I knew I did the wrong thing. I will reload this video via youtube or another video viewing site. Stay Tuned! Doing Doing Doing Doing!

.gif image of Havoc.


Update 20221002. In a moment of Extreme Coincidence or Divine Intervention Binny and his wife Shayne showed up at the same Steak House my wife and I frequent!

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The above video of Mark Weddington is shot by Karen Eagle.

Bonus video from Karen Eagle.

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