Black Oak Arkansas

Black Oak Arkansas

Imagine the thrill I got when out of the blue I get an email from Atlantic Records wanting to use three of my Black Oak Arkansas photos for their comeback album,

Back Thar n’ Over Yonder!

I spotted my work in several different places on their Webisodes for VH-1 and got my name and website on their CD cover.  I am also in their  Black Oak Arkansas group on Facebook!

Black Oak Arkansas 24bit 2400dpi sksdlide  img264

Out of the blue I get a request from Atlantic Records to use a few of my photos for a Webisode for Black Oak Arkansas!


Shane K Smith

Which hand did Jim usually wear that ring on?

Is this right or does it need flipped. Looking at the slide isn’t always a clue. Did Jim Dandy wear that ring on his left hand? But it looks like he wears rings on both hands.

The guitar on this shot could be right handed and the speaker logos or writing on his washboard “Ain’t right”!

Now this worries the hell out of me tonight 20190325. I have questions Rickie Lee Reynolds and fans can help me with. I’m thinking How did Tommy Aldridge the drummer set up his mIc? Was it usually to his lft of Tom Tom? I can’t make out the logo. What kind of speakers are those? Was the logo in the top right hand corner? Are those Fender heads to the far left? Do they look right or did I flip this shot? Did Jim Dandy usually play the washboard with his right or left hand? I can’t make out the writing on the washboard.

See what I mean! This looks more like Rickie Lee Reynolds is left side facing with Tommy on his right. I’m trying to air guitar in my head. His strumming hand bent out and chord hand (left) more tight by his side. But they say you remember things over 30 years plus backwards. The new selfie craze produces a lot of backassward photos. I’ll either repost the album or come back later tonight and flip them. Looks like I flipped a couple when I scanned the slides. The logo on the speakers and holding the guitar in the opposite direction should be a clue. Looks like I got Jim Dandy right unless he liked to hold the mic left handed!

I mean there are questions here like does Jim Dandy hang to the left or to the right? The guitar player may have been left handed. Did Tommy Dixon mic his Tom Tom like that? Can you read the guitar make or cymbal make?

I could sure use help figuring out if this photo needs to be flipped. if so that would explain Rickie Lee Reynolds playing left handed her, if it is Rickie and which side the logo on those big speakers are on!

I can’t make out if the name on these speaker heads or Tommy’s drums. Or how is the washboard branded? Are those letters backwards? Is that a lot like playing the album backwards?

He has a freckle on his left bicep. or should that be his right bicep?

Flickr is slowy letting me flip horizontally and maintaining the views from 2009.  Thanks to the help of Bill Gans, Rickie Lee Reynolds and fans of Black Oak Arkansas group page on Facebook for helping me adjust these photos.  Leave a comment if you see I need to flip horizontally anymore.

Bill Gans “yes your pic is reversed, hi-hat is on the wrong side, i was probably the sound eng. on this tour(showco), notice the shure 548 mics, not sure of the year this pic was taken, don’t see ruby, she was on all the tours i did with them.”

Where the hell is part five?

Published by shanesflyingdiscshow did thousands of Frisbee shows all over the United States for over 30 years. Shane is also a photographer.

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