Aroo Hu tries to figure out new ways to post her awesome work.

In an effort to afford web space of all kinds and find ways to bring our work to you I have learned to juggle. FlickR and WordPress were playing well together once, but not anymore. I still hyper-link to FlickR. Now I will begin learning how to hyper-link to adobe. This means I don’t have to use my allotted 200gb limit on Worpress. I can shoot 50 gb in one session so it is hard. I don’t want to shrink anything either. So my friends can help me learn by staying with me and giving me feed back, like that was easy, That was hard, I can’t make it open or I like FlickR better than adobe or vice versa. Good constructive criticisms makes me learn.

To see the photos above, click the above link. Those photos can be viewed as a set or you can click them one by one! Tell me how thy look on a phone or a pc.

Published by shanesflyingdiscshow did thousands of Frisbee shows all over the United States for over 30 years. Shane is also a photographer.

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