Myrtle Beach Travel Park 2022-2023.

I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to pull into a large park and have a few feet between neighbors. Almost every spot in campgrounds in Myrtle Beach or Surfside are so close you can hand your neighbor a drink from each other’s door step. You might look at this stormy feature photo and think those campers are close. That is until you get a few years in and out of parks. Sandburs or Foot Fuckers come with most every camp in Myrtle. But this is a nice clean camp. Motorcycles have to live at the front of the camp. The GPS took me straight into the camp with no in town distractions. I didn’t even know it was bike week. I only had five nights. I was close to a Walmart and a couple of strip malls with gas close by. This trip I didn’t pick up my cameras but for the storm that welcomed me the first night. Timing was perfect for the storm as it formed after I set up. Storms blow out a beach town and clean the air. My biggest goal was to take my Schnauzer on walks and get my feet in the water!

I want to go back . Next time I’m shaving my Schnauzer bald so the sandburs aren’t so much work to take out of her fur. Current to date 20230131 in 449 we have only had two sand burrs. Could be the season, could be I am I am not in any grass down here.

This little creature with cartoon eyes is from a previous trip.


Aroo and Taco preparing for separate vacations.

Aroo ruffing it at beach.

Ride and wrench forever and ever!

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December 2022.

I will be updating as I get internet. Currently I am using a Mi-Fi. Sometimes I use a SlickR FlickR and sometimes I use a wordpress Gallery.


What I didn’t realize is that I was right around the block from my favorite old club in Myrtle Beach, 2001! Greg G! You can contact me here! If I left a G out of your name cut me some slack. I promise to fix it! RICH, ANNIE, ROGER, SHELBY BULL and the Cat! The new cat in town can’t be the main Kitty at the door! Thanks KITTY! Thank You for such a first class tour and experience! I hope to get some shots of Rich and his cool set up! Stay Tuned! Bull the dog says everyone can find a little cat here if you know what I mean, jelly bean!~ Man I hope I spelled Roger correctly. Rodger or Roger. Roger makes running three clubs in one look fun!

Our new Mi-Fi Hot Spot Speed at Camp isn’t like the 5g we’ve been dreaming about. Despite what T-mobile says this is what I get. I’ve been able to post small batches of photos and watch our TVs.

Sometimes I get faster speeds with the Mi-Fi.

The Travel Park is installing some new wire but for us this is what our Park speed is. I’ll be doing an iphone hot spot test soon.

This is what you get with most campground wi-fis if you can get on!

Getting ready for this trip we wrenched on everything! Raven The Raptor, Pengwon the Kia, Layla the Ram and Sade the Bike. The Kia still has shop time waiting on her! I expected this GoPro test would be really shaky, because the camera was shaking where I had it mounted. However the stabilizer in the camera took care of it. But I doubt I will mount it in front again.

Uploading video to two or three different places is painfully slow!

I’m surprised with the output of my Facebook glasses and my iphone. Here are a few samples.

The above video but for Aroo Rooing was made with Facebook glasses and upgraded in Final Cut pro. I captured Aroo on the Iphone 13 pro max.
When I say STOP I am talking to my glasses. They don’t listen very well!

I did a quick tour through North Myrtle Beach. It is beginning to look a lot like West Palm Beach. The canals reminded me of living in Venice Beach California. I need to get back and take my time. I’ll be uploading a drive by GoPro segment before long.

I happen to like the fish eye distortion. I’ll go back and use a normal lens soon. This is in direct conflict with a pro I admire, however I bought a 16mm fish eye lens for the fish eye look!

Within Ten miles each way I go from this Travel Park is nothing but fun! Most of this fun costs a ton of money. However, I learned how to have more fun with less money than anyone I know. I plan my moves carefully and use years of experience traveling the country to find the fun stuff and the good people.

I found where the Cops hang out. They hang out just where I like to. They find secluded places in large malls where nobody would dare go but me and the Cops.

Anne Adams and I were on the same beach shooting at the same pier possibly the same day or a day apart! Here I give you a two day upload. A ride around North Myrtle. Not all of us has been. It has so much potential to be a 5 star town!

Find more here!

The Youtube link above is a twenty minute drive around Alabama Theater and The House of Blues.

About 30 minutes later a big Rig pulled in and cut the view about %75. That is to be expected.

WOW! WOW! WOW! This is the first time in my life I’ve been able to really see Myrtle and N Myrtle. It is easy to see why some of us have chosen to live there or make it their destination of destinations! When I said that the canals remind me of Venice Beach, California I left out that they are much nicer. I always feel I am only here for a couple of days or a week at the most with15 years between each visit. But this is nice! I’m still trying to do it all in one day but I’ve always been that way, like I’m going to miss something! I have the ability to freeze up any computer. I already used up my allotment on my Mi-Fi. My Iphone’s Hot Spot is a disappointment here. I can’t figure out if a spy has a blocker running or it is just that so many people are congested in a small area, If you consider 1200 acres small. That means communication is hit and miss. So hang in there with me! I have noticed an interesting side affect (effect). The camp has jacked up it’s internet. enough tonight so I can get some work out! They are working on all improving and will be streaming everything by June and cutting the cable! I’ll post some speeds on my blog.