Aroo Hu “ain’t no” Fu Fu!

Cut courtesy Ruff Life Grooming Clemmons, NC. My Miniature Schnauzer is no Foo Foo Lady. She can dress up and She can take you out! My Rat Terrier is about 13 and has a case of Diabetes. He is blind and can barely hear. However my Schnauzer has the body language to help put himContinue reading “Aroo Hu “ain’t no” Fu Fu!”

Surfside Beach, SC, Suck Bang Blow, Dead Dog Saloon, Murrells Inlet, SC, Georgetown, SC

Coolest Bike on The Block!

Aroo Gets Spa Day

Aroo is 13 months old! Taco is almost 13 years old (maybe). She will stay clean until she wakes up from her nap. That is because she is a real dog! Thanks to Ruff Life Grooming for a great cut! Aroo’s mother has a full liver color. The liver color is beginning to comeContinue reading “Aroo Gets Spa Day”

Special Needs, Homeless or Pan Handling Superstars

Of course, there may be a deeper story.  One day I plan to hand out a little money to some tragically homeless to document life on the median.  There is a big difference from those that need it and those that don’t.  Unless they were connected to the elderly couple living in their car atContinue reading “Special Needs, Homeless or Pan Handling Superstars”

Tanglewood Park Changing of the Guards!

Christmas Light Show So far my video is almost a forty-five minute ride. I salute all the maintenance team and creators of this amazing show! I watched them build the road all year long and set up new electric! It will take me all night to render the video. Right now my video is 100gbContinue reading “Tanglewood Park Changing of the Guards!”