The Dog House

I am currently in the Dog House with Vimeo Video. I posted some news rips and that violated their upload policy. So I am rebuilding my site. I’m leaving up my titles so I can mark what videos I need to find a new home for!

Vera Blows Taco’s Cover

I have searched hours to save this video and have mislabeled or buried it like a dog buries his bones.

Aroo Hu our Schnauzer


Taco Bello our Rat Terrier

are hitting it off well! 

Aroo Hu is five and a half months!

This Eight Minute Video is a compilation of firsts!


Excuse the camera noise!

When you live in a Dog House, your walls take on full mud from large wet dogs coming in from outside.  Your steps get worn.  We know we can fix these things and tidy up when we are ready.  In the meantime, we will practice doing steps and sitting down on command.  We will worry about cosmetics later.

Aroo Hu

My Heart Beats For You!

Valentine’s 2020

Aroo Hu and Taco Too

Snow day and Big steps

Aroo Hu and Taco Take Shane For a Walk

Aroo Hu Foo Fu

Ruff Life Grooming

This was Aroo Hu’s second haircut! Kathy Friend at Ruff Life Grooming did a great job.  She is on 150 on the odd ball side of Clemmons, NC.  It’s more like it’s between Lexington and Winston at 8527 N NC Hwy 150. Call her at 336-331-3999.  We stayed clean for about 20 minutes then we chased poodles at Tanglewoof Dog Park in Winston –Salem, NC!

Dogs Aroo Hu Ruff Life Grooming 20200316_0072

Tanglewoof Sliders

Aroo Hu loves her friends Teddy and Charlie! Today Teddy The older Poodle saw a large version of himself on the other side of the fence. Charlie the Poodle Puppy does a vertical jump to get to loving hands on the other side!  Aroo Hu and Teddy played keep away with the Mini-Frisbee! Click or touch on the middle of the far right side and a forward arrow appears.

Dogs Tanglewoof Dog Park 20200327_0252

Tanglewoof Slider Moose Tracks!

5/7/20 6:21:21 PM

I met Sydney with a Y today and Moose.  Aroo Hu got a new pink collar so gender is not a question!  Rachel came back from Austin and Brinn came back after being gone for two weeks. She had a bad bout with Glaucoma!  That shit is not fair! She is so young! All of a sudden a soon to be graduate from college has to consider bouts with blindness.

Tanglewoof Dog Park_0127 Sydney Moose

Aroo Hu The Thunder Queen!

Today 20200524 our almost six month old Mini-Schnauzer, Aroo Hu heard her first close up Thunder Storm. The lightening hit near the back deck just off our kitchen as we were eating dinner. That was followed by a really quick and LOUD KABOOM! Instead of running for cover, she “bolted out the doggie door and started raising hell at The Thunder Gods! Everytime we got a rumble she would raise more hell!

When we have lightening and thunder at our house in Lexington, NC, the storms mean business! However, so does Aroo Hu!

Aroo Hu is six months old!

Aroo Hu’s Seventh month Cut from Ruff Life Grooming!

Ruff Life Grooming

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