Irwin Bostian, r.i.p.

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Glenn Foster   · Class of 75. We have lost our classmate and friend James Irwin Bostian today. I just received the news from his sister. He was the music talent I got to share with, the church brother to many of us and team mates on way to many courts to mention, and I’ll always remember his Gibson guitar under his arm sitting as we played, his red curly hair on his shoulders with his glasses reflecting the music pages we were playing. He has had neurology problems for many years and I was told he just didn’t respond this morning to his care giver and passed away. Rest in peace my friend; Always Class of 75.

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Marisa Riddle Rodgers Praying for his family. Such a great guy!🙏🏼🥲

Tim Bost Glenn, thanks for letting us know. I wasn’t aware of his illness. He wrote “Fearless Leader” beside a picture of himself in my yearbook. That I believe he was. I too remember his long red curly hair, in my opinion, his trademark. And what a sense of humor. His passing reminds me of the closer impending demise of the great class of ‘75. Let the remainder of us cherish every memory and take advantage of every opportunity to re-connect when we have a chance to again be with the ones that were part of that great class. Peace to his family and friends. May God bring them solace as we lift them up in prayer. Tim

Patty Wilson Reynolds So sorry to hear. Prayers for all those close to him.🙏

Darlene Gaskey Kale I’m sorry to hear about his passing…

Wayne AlleyT hanks for letting us know Glenn. Yes..many great memories with him..Pep Band..etc. Prayers for his family.

Debbie Wensil Loveless Prayers for the families

Marianne Haywood Thank you Glenn for sharing the news, which is quite sad indeed. What a wonderful friend he was! Such great memories. Praying for his family.

Renee TuckerPrayers for his family

Ken BeaverSorry to hear this, many fun hours on the tennis court with Irwin. RIP my friend.

Bonnie Breedlove Prayers for all during this most difficult time.

Chris HarringtonIt’s a two lane road for me. Seems I’m either hearing if the passing of one of my ‘75 classmates or one of my fraternity brothers. Getting old sucks. But knowing where they are going is a blessing. Prayers and love to the family

Susan Stirewalt Spent time on the tennis courts with him…truly a great guy!

Kim Lee Turbyfill I am so sorry! Prayers for family and friends.

Steve Fulcher Prayers for Irwin, his family and his many friends. He taught me so much on so many things, especially guitar, as you did, Glenn Foster. You both heroes to me growing up.

Alison Royal-Combs So sad. Prayer for his family🙏🙏

Sharon Sloop Leininger Thanks for letting us know, Glenn. I’ve known Irwin since we were in kindergarten together. May he rest in peace. Prayers of comfort for his family.

Shane K Smith AdminTop contributorThanks Glenn Foster.

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Shane K Smith

· R.I.P. Irwin!…/irwin-bostian-r-i-p/


Shane K SmithThis comes with some good audio of Irwin Singing Stormy Weather with Bill Scott and @Joe Mabry. The video is another story.

Shane K SmithThe audio is awesome for a new first of it’s kind Canon Digital. I have no excuses for the video. I can split the audio and merge it with some photos at a later date.

Shane K Smith…/irwin-bostian-r-i-p/

Irwin Bostian, r.i.p.

SHANEKSMITHPHOTOGRAPHY.COMIrwin Bostian, r.i.p.Irwin Bostian, r.i.p.

Scott WagonerWhat a drag! I knew I hadn’t heard much about his condition in a year or two. This hurts my heart. Prayers for his family. <><

Tim HaiglerPrayers for the family

ELizabeth Honeycutt StatonThis news breaks my heart….

Lee TroutmanRIP James 🙏

Kim Lee TurbyfillDoes anyone know about arrangements yet?

Martha McAbee IsleyPrayers for the family.

Linda HarringtonSad to hear this news. 🙏

Betty ShoemakerSo sorry to hear of his passing. I only went to school with all you guys for three years. I don’t know everybody like you guys do but I love my class of 1975 praying for family and friends.

Mary CorriherI believe I read his wishes were to be cremated and no service

Cindy HoellPrecious Friend!!🥲🥲

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Obituary from Don Kmball.


James Irwin Bostian

November 28, 1956 – August 14, 2023


Garrett Funeral Home

James Irwin Bostian, age 66, of Black Mountain, North Carolina passed away on Monday, August 14, 2023. James was born in Salisbury, NC.”

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