Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Pirateland Campground

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Set up  has been rough at Pirateland.  The spaces are tight and getting to the space is tighter. We finally settled down four days into the trip.  We took a ride into Myrtle to see where the old pavilion was and the first thing we see at a Circle K right across from Mammy’s is a guy beating the hell out of a woman.  So I pulled in the lot really fast and he saw a big truck aimed at him.  He backed off just a little. Vera got on the phone and we couldn’t get through to 911 because the signal was breaking up.  I looked around to see if this was a set up and it didn’t look like it.  Another guy we saw was there to help so he jumped in and we kept them apart.  Vera couldn’t get through on  my phone either.   About four other cars sat there and were filming.  The victim took a few good shots and gave a few herself but she got to her car.  Another lady in the lot consoled her and we stayed there until everything seemed to calm down.  We left the beater sitting on the curb.  He looked beyond messed up. So we did a good deed.  We couldn’t believe the change in the town.  We saw a lot of gold teeth and pink hair!  Later that week  Trina told me a couple was shot trying to break up a fight.

We have one of the best spots in the camp but for millions of lake bugs at night.  But they go away during the day. Oh, we saved some ducks from two asshole teenagers that tried to run them down with a golf cart.  There must be hundreds of carts here.   I think the carts out number the bugs.

The fish jump in the lake and Aroo got her first taste of salt water.  So far she liked the edge of the water better.  She has made a few friends and likes to cuss at everybody. Taco is holding the fort down. She told  everyone to stay six feet apart from  me,  but to give her plenty of scratches.  She made sure I stood back so the hot ladies she was picking up couldn’t give me the same good scratches she was getting!

Download speed: 2.9 mps

Upload speed: .06 mbps

I thought it was impossible to be that slow!

Pirateland has a bad sewer problem at night.  Lots of parks seem to have the same problem, but this is extraordinarily bad.  I wonder why nobody swims in the bays in the park. All but a couple of the store staff are extremely difficult.  It is like they intentionally are trying to run away customers.  One of the staff members has a bad gum problem and you can hear her snap it as she orders people around the store.  The electric hook up in my spot looks like it was jury rigged.  The sewer fitting is so high the tanks don’t drain unless you work the hose.  It seems like all of the campgrounds have had fire problems except for the State Park in Myrtle. The campgrounds all but the State Park have full time condos or single wide trailers built with a deck patio.  If you happen to be coming down one of the roads and someone has company it takes an extra hour to get them out of the way so you can get your trailer through.  For example we got goose necked by a work crew with no information from the  gate security.

Vacations take planning and work.  After a long drive home our security gate keeper got our code wrong for the second time in the same trip.  So I took my woman to the nearest church and walked her home.  I went back and camped out on the other side of the fence.  It’s always something.  If I had to I would go back to buggy Pirateland but I’d bring a head net to  put over my head so I wouldn’t inhale so many bugs!  By my photos you would think I was at a fisherman’s paradise.  But even the die hard fisherman went home and the spiders came out to feast on the bugs!

Aroo saw her first ocean. She was apprehensive about the water at first but after the fifth day she was knee deep in the water. Nobody is a stranger to her and she informs them I need to stay six feet away.

The Egrets in the lake had it made. They wanted to go visit their best friend Edgar in Sarasota but they have free minnows, their own island and plenty of tourists to entertain them. They said Edgar is going to have to come here.

Myrtle Beach Pirateland Buccaneer Bay Egret 20200915_0263

One of the birds was carrying around a tattoo of Aroo using two iPhones at the same time.

Keeping a clean house after being in the sand requires tons of team work to keep the sand from overtaking your habitat. Clean up is always good for Aroo! She got her face cleaned while we binge watched The Shield through the Tornado warnings!

Pirateland From My Friend Trina

Pirateland from Trina

It’s a real shame that the horrible wind, rain and tornadoes decided to hit the night we were supposed to meet up. If I’d been thinking, y’all could have just come to my house for the evening. Our two Schnauzers might have been entertaining. I’m glad (kind of) that you got to see the real downtown MB. I never go down there, it’s just not safe! Sorry you had a rough experience at Pirateland. What most people don’t know is that the land is actually owned by the City. The people who run it had been writing 100 year leases, which is why there are some big homes built there. Last year, the land lease with the City was up, and the cat was out of the bag. Homeowners were understandably furious after finding out their leases were bogus. The City extended the lease for 5 years (now 4) to give homeowners a chance to get out. Instead, they’re trying to sell their homes to unsuspecting buyers. It’s a real mess. Same situation with Lakewood. The City owns the land. I guess the people who manage Pirateland just aren’t going to spend any money for repairs or upgrades, since they know their time is running out. I’m happy you got some good shots. Next time, try Myrtle Beach Travel Park. Maybe follow their FB page. I have friends that stay there and love it! I’m coming up there later this week. Not sure how long I’ll be there, but I’ll try to catch up to you.”

Opinion from Shane K Smith. This is where the Title Insurance pros earn their money!


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