Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Island Vista Inn

Pure Luxury is checking in to a hotel right on the beach when you have a perfectly good camper at home. Not only were we treated to an upgrade in a penthouse suite, the pool was full of beautiful teen aged girls. When they came to sit in the Jacuzzi with me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

This first set of shots is within 15 minutes of checking in our Room! I shot for about an hour. My pocket wi-fi let me down but the hotel wi-fi is Rockng! I forgot what a pain internet access is on the road. I’m doing a quick hit and run because I need to be taking more photos and recording some wave sounds from my room. Scott Starr, Don’t make fun of those die hard East coast surfers waiting for the perfect wave in the middle of November. If my response time is slow this week it’s because I’m counting waves! Photoshop is having a fit with El Capitain so you get raw as is. It took four hours to drive here and two hours for traffic between Conway and Myrtle! When I make time, I’m going to learn how to access high speed bandwidth with a foil hat. It was odd, we didn’t expect the traffic this time of year. However, the beach is not crowded.

Myrtle Beach SC Island Vista Resort 20151112_8001

I phone 5

I usually shoot with a Nikon but this day I tried an Iphone and a Go Pro Hero 4. I killed three tripods in the salt water in Myrtle Beach, SC!

Myrtle Beach SC Island Vista Resort Iphone 20151112_0260

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