Gregg Muravchick and Shane Smith

Straight Talk

SFDS Straight Talk For Police Blotter and Gregg Muravchick

Gregg Muravchick  and his  team saved my life 33 years ago today.

I don’t want the normal applause that comes with not drinking for 33 years.  That is why only %2 of alcoholics recover.  That is my opinion.  If you have  hemorrhoids and you keep jumping on a horse do you really want  applause when you figure out it causes you pain?

After the Troopers got me stopped, Gregg noticed I was bleeding after a struggle. Gregg went out of his way to get me to the hospital.  I remember hearing the Dr. stapling my neck shut.  Then the next thing I remember was the sound of the  Jailhouse door slamming.  Gregg made an extra effort on top of his load of work that was Three Times that of the normal Trooper to make sure I was OK.  He didn’t have to do that.  Together we put together an awesome  Drug Talk deemed Straight Talk by the local press.  We always made front page and hit all the TV stations possible due to Gregg and his Trooper friend  that handled PR.  We were good because we were real.  Lots of Gregg’s peers didn’t like the idea too much for one reason or another.  But Gregg reached out.

Season’s Beatings!

I can let parts of this story out a bit at a time but I don’t want to just throw it together.  I want to try to do a good job.  I will advise of updates to this.

My main thing for now is to send a Thank You to Gregg Muravchick, who to this day continues to excel in his profession.

For the longest time I didn’t want to face  these charges in court.  I was embarrassed to be so stupid!  With encouragement  to stop drinking from Gregg I got my act together and booked more shows from Jail than most Fly by Night teams book in a lifetime.

Thanks Gregg!

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There is no need to drag my ex through this again so I hopefully blanked out her name. Go look in the mirror and ask yourself if that beer or bottle of rum is more important than the one you love!

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