Rita Albright Biggerstaff, R.I.P.

From Wanda Hill Wise

Rita Biggerstaff (Albright) From Wanda Hill Wise

https://www.cabarrusfuneralandcremations.com/memorials/rita-biggerstaff/5058674/index.php?fbclid=IwAR2srxhvUHDYyEwtZSpj4uVG85Znue9sA1QjMv3ac1DrgfArH2b4FRMZfzI Rita Albright Biggerstaff

“Rita Albright Biggerstaff of 370 Oliver Rd. Rockwell, NC passed away peacefully in her sleep at Novant Hospital in Salisbury on October 28, 2022. Although she had been in declining health for several years, her death was unexpected.
She was born in Mooresville, NC on October 27th, 1955, to the late Bobby “Joe” Albright and Rebecca Whitman Albright.
Rita grew up on the “mill hill” in China Grove, NC. She loved to tell stories about the fun and mischief she and her brother and sister, along with numerous cousins and friends had; many of them you could easily close your eyes and imagine episodes of “The Little Rascals” and their adventures.
On Halloween night 1971 while “cruising the Idiot Circle” she met the love of her life Dennis Biggerstaff. She’d laugh and tell the story about how he and a friend were “egging” passing cars and she pointed at him and said, “you’d better not egg this car, we just washed it!!!” When he got out of his car to come over and talk to her, she told her friend, “My goodness, look at that long-legged goomer…” The rest as they say, is history…
Dennis and Rita married on June 2nd 1972 and enjoyed a little over fifty years of marriage.”

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