Rich Bartle Mentions Bill Scott’s Band

Rich Bartle is a famous World Champion Disc player. He is the owner and founder at Mobile Stage Rentals-Los Angeles!  In his youth he did  a World Tour and appeared on the NBC Today show with a friend of  mine, Roger Meier.  Roger migrated one summer from New York City to Venice Beach, California in 1978.

Rich has gone on to promotional fame and I have been enamored by his cool stage trucks and his involvement with Big Bands.

It turns out that one of my Best Friends since High School got to meet Rich in the coolest of ways.  Bill Scott drums for many bands but one of his most famous Bands is Unknown Hinson.  One year Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie hired Bill and Unknown to fly out to Los Angles.  Roger Kohrs, I didn’t forget about you!  They were hired to play for Billy Bob’s birthday party.  I brag about this event to my friends all the time.  But little did I know I also knew the man that built the hidden stages at The movie stars house!  I found this out years later as  Rich is moving on to Santa Barbara!

I am blown away by this stuff!

Videography by Jeff Jones


Rich Bartle

Check out some old school frisbee Footage

Denise Caciagli Moon

Always get a kick seeing this

Music is funky/hillbilly

Gerry Geare

Time to come out and join us for a new video – YJIW

Gary Hirstius

What NO Dog’s in the act? Lol 😂

Love the shredding guitar.

Love your road tails up in the ☁️☁️ cloud. Cool footage Rich.

Gary Hirstius

Kelly James

Omg that was so awesome 👏

Paul Lancia

So much talent! I miss you much my brother

Julia Hartman

Outstanding ‼️🥰

Al Bane

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of that.

Michael J. Lewis

Dude you guys are great spokespersons and awesome ambassadors!!!! That was awesome!!!

Crystal Elliott-Rakos

So cool !

Christopher Ryan

Love it!

Kenny Pierce

Baby face Bartle 🤘🤘🤘

Rome Drayton Baily

🥏 I never knew that you were a famous world athlete 👍

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