Rich Bartle Mentions Bill Scott’s Band

Rich Bartle is a famous World Champion Disc player. He is the owner and founder at Mobile Stage Rentals-Los Angeles!  In his youth he did  a World Tour and appeared on the NBC Today show with a friend of  mine, Roger Meier.  Roger migrated one summer from New York City to Venice Beach, California inContinue reading “Rich Bartle Mentions Bill Scott’s Band”

Neal and Jerrod 2015

Where did five years go?  This event by Neal and Jerrod is one of the best events I have been part of.  I have to brag; I’ve been on stage with Jefferson Starship!  I didn’t just ramble on there either.  I often have thought that Neal and Jerrod should have been Rock stars.  But eachContinue reading “Neal and Jerrod 2015”

Tanglewood Park

I have history with Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC since I was twelve years old. At the time the head coach for Wake Forest University used to teach private Tennis Lessons at the Tanglewood Tennis Courts. I am almost 63 now and I am just beginning to explore the park to its full potential.  IContinue reading “Tanglewood Park”