South Rowan Alumni Video

Broke Ass Garage

Download Broke Ass Garage in any file size. This means you can download a file from your desktop to your phone.

Carol Feather Martin

Download professional Bell artist Carol feather in any size.

Judy Castor Deal and William Deal’s Trains

Download Judy and William’s Trains in any size:

Kahuna’s Presents Too Much Toni

Thanks to Jackie Overcash Peeler for a fun night! Find the download here.

Lynne Scott Safrit Elizabeth Mrs. United States Farewell

Find Lynne’s download here:

Ride On Becky, Erik, Barbie and Phillip

Come to think of it Erik and Becky must have planned riding into the sunset more perfectly than I could have imagined!

Do the download thing right chere:

Neal and Jerrod With The South Rowan Chorus 20150502


Neal Wilkinson Andrea Brown American Tears 20190912


Neal Wilkinson Andrea Brown First Baptist Salisbury Business and Song 20190908


Rau_Navy_Video from google downloader to hd to vimeo

Download for Karl:

Ricky and Randy Smith scenes The Russian Godfather part 2


Ricky and Randy Smith

The Russian Godfather

part 2


SFDS XDisc Shane Smith Scott Thompson’s Pyra Disc


Sidekick Dojo Bloodsport 2


Kahuna’s Jackie Overcash Peeler and friends


South Chris Harrington Reports Homeowners Getting %10 Less

It is just way cool when your friends make the news!

Download Chris:

South Landis Gym

Joan Freeze Small Shane K Smith Marianne Haywood – Kathy Ayers Morgan Gary Cress


South 1974-1975 Vid 1

My First South Video.

Download Here: :

South Rowan 74 Re-Union Gary’s BBQ Scott’s Speech

Download: :

South Rowan Class of 1976 40 Year ReUnion


South Rowan Class of 1976 40 Year Reunion Part 2


South Rowan Class of 1976 40 Year Reunion Part 3 Doobies sksst


South Rowan Cowgirl

Alison Elmore Royal McCombs

You go girl!!!


South Rowan Happy Birthday Shari By Teri 20160528


South Rowan Shari Shue Birthday Gary’s


Trina Freeze Shane Bad Break The Lucky Turn Around 20170803

You’ve seen this guy before in many bars. Or you’ve been this guy. He and his buddy had no interest at all in playing pool until Trina came to town! Somehow we made it out of there without breaking any equipment!


Trina Freeze Webster

The Lucky Turn Around 20170521

Just a week or two out of the hospital recovering from a Widow Maker heart attack, Trina Freeze Webster treated me to a game of pool!


Unknown Hinson Bill Scott Drums Roger Kohrs Bass 20160604


Unknown Hinson Bill Scott Drums Roger Kohrs Bass Hello Shane 2 20160604 d


Unknown Hinson Bill Scott Drums Roger Kohrs Bass Hello Shane c 20160604


Unknown Hinson Bill Scott Drums Roger Kohrs Bass Johnny June’s 20160604 a

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Unknown Hinson Visulite Theatre 20180120 sksst


William and Judy Deal’s Trains Short Version

Download: :

The upcoming youtube videos don’t have an easy download button unless you get an internet video downloader.

South Rowan Class of 1975 2010

Sidekick Dojo Ricky Randy sksst South Rowan

The feeling is amazing at Re-Unions. You look at someone. You even are reading their name tag. Although you see the tag and you are looking at them your mind is stuck thinking who are you! Then they speak, you ask their name, then BOOM it’s like you see them again and your memory is instant. You can see them perfectly. There was a lot of heart breaking going on tonight. Darlene Strickland Harris drove all the way from Florida. Scott Trail drove from Atlanta then turned around and drove all the way home. What incredible energy! Tammy Cook and Cathy Wirtz worked hard to make things happen. Running ANY event is never easy and tends to be the most taken for granted job. They made this fun. Rick Houston’s golf club is first class. He says he and two others own it, but I call it his! His pro shop is second to none. The club house has about 10 wide screen TVs running sporting events. You pass a large neighborhood full of expensive houses into this amazing club complete with lake. If you don’t golf, I would suggest going there just to walk around the lake! It is Warrior Golf Club in China Grove. South Rowan Class of 1974 Re-Union 20141026 Organized by: Tammy Cook And Cathy Wirz Hosted by: Rick Houston Warrior Golf Club 1300 Lake Wright Rd, China Grove, NC 28023 (704) 856-0871 Photography and Video by: Shane K Smith I’ll be adding this to my South collection in it’s own album!

South Rowan Class of 1974 Re Union 20141026


•Oct 26, 2014

Published by shanesflyingdiscshow did thousands of Frisbee shows all over the United States for over 30 years. Shane is also a photographer.

3 thoughts on “South Rowan Alumni Video

  1. Thank you Shane for all the hours of hard work you put in to doing the many many pictures you do for all of us from South Rowan. Thanks for always updating us on prayer request for our class members. You will never know just how much we appreciate all your time and great effort you put into keeping us all informed of what is going on in the lives of South Rowan classmates. A very big hug and thank you for all you do. God Bless You and your sweet, caring personality. You have always been a special person.


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