Tanglewood Park

I have history with Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC since I was twelve years old. At the time the head coach for Wake Forest University used to teach private Tennis Lessons at the Tanglewood Tennis Courts. I am almost 63 now and I am just beginning to explore the park to its full potential.  I could easily move into the campground and live there all year long.  North Carolina has experienced heavy rain all year in 2020.  This caused the Yadkin River which borders the Tanglewood Park to flood over the fence by the big band shell and enormous steeple chase course.  This coming trip to Tanglewood I would like to start shooting in the barn and work my way out.  I have a couple of teaser shots already of horses off in the distance just off the running track. I hope the flooding photos frightens most outsiders away because Tanglewood is like a secret.  Everything is massive.  They have bed and breakfast, golf, swimming, horse riding, a Dog Park, running and workout trails, a campground (that is only $40.00 a night limit 14 days) and this odd game called Soft Golf.  This park is a show piece.  The maintenance teams work their butts off keeping it nice.  Each year the park puts on a Christmas drive through light show that is second to none. This show stops the interstate with visitors that come from all over the country.

I think I might spend a year being a camp ground head master.  I met one head master and his wife last year.  I was so impressed by the fact that he could balance rocks!  Mrs. Pearce, his wife had made a friend with one of the parks many deer.  It will be a full-time effort to bring the park to you photographically.  I will battle doubling up on photos and new posts with Tanglewood because My Schnauzer and I have fallen in love with Tanglewoof Dog Park.  I had a part in promoting the Dog Park at its conception!

Unlike most camps hidden away 10 miles out of shopping range for zoning laws, this campground is just across the street from café’s and a Harris Teeter with a great meat department.  Not far are local hidden treasures like giant lakes with private swan rides and Farmer’s markets.

But don’t venture out here, you might start liking it and end up spending the night or four in one of the log cabins.  I would consider selling my house and buying one of the camping lots.

Tanglewood 20140607 _2722

Tanglewoof Park

Dogs Tanglewoof Dog Park 20200327_0252

Heaven is a Dog Park on Earth where there are very few fights. I have some big ideas for the big dog park. My goal is to get a shot of this six foot six inch tall young man holding up a log for his large Huskie to catch! Stay tuned! I often double up on albums. I have an odd OCD sorting technique

Tanglewoof Dog Park_0127 Sydney Moose

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