Dr. Doc Christopher Campbell

Doc is about to jump out of a mechanical device built by humans that is prone to failure!

I was treated to the best seat in the house to one of Christopher Campbell’s celebrity jumps in to Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston Salem, NC.

Doc protected our country and educated our troops and did his stunt show all over the United States.   He is one of the most talented and most studied of all of us.  Today is 20201002.  Doc is taking a break from Facebook.  I hope it is a short break.  However, I have predicted that many of us may leave or Facebook may implode.  I built a backup for Facebook and I hope that many of you make time to sign up for email reports.  It took me 50 years to build this.  I am hoping you can make five minutes to sign up.

Dr. Christopher Campbell Bowman Gray 20121762

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