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Mike Hughes, director of the FDM is planning to leave a large financial legacy in trust at his demise for the sole purpose of insuring the longevity and stability of the museum. It is a good feeling that all of my hard work can be represented through his museum. He and many others have put tons of hours itemizing discs.

I don’t know where he found the above 165 gram discs. I only have two left myself and one of them is cracked.

This is just NICE and considerate of him to do!

Tom Monroe was the second person in line to aim me toward my career. Jo Cahow was the first. I will be finding their discs and adding them here soon. One such disc is unique to Tom Monroe and I. Tom is the first of the best as far as being a World Champion goes. But better yet he didn’t just collect hundreds of trophies. He found unique ways to promote the sport. That is what I do and that is why I really like Tom. Tom could make a living as a psychologist but Frisbee people are more interesting. The IFA an organization supported by Wham-O and thousands of members across the globe made 14 demo teams a very special run. I got three hundred. My number 14 came from Stork. But numbers change. At that time I thought there were only three full time all the time teams making a check week to week promoting The Sport of Flying Discs by doing Demonstrations. I was doing almost 15 shows a week in as many

cities. Some tours lasted 9 months at a time. When I was really lucky I picked up summer shows at Recreation Centers or Amusement Parks.

Tom was one of the very few that was given his own van to tour in. More photos to come. I’d like to get that story of how many pro teams had these special discs made. I have the remains of two disc left and one in a shadow box. My impression at the time from Stork was 14 teams. This would greatly add to Mike’s Collection to find those teams that consistently did enough shows to earn their own stamp! I’d like to see the other team’s disc.

Mike Hughes Flying Disc Museum
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The FDM has strived to be professional in every facet of its existence. The founders have gone to great lengths to make sure the content is professional and entertaining. To make sure our efforts continue past the lives of the founders, an estate plan has been created to make sure the museum is funded for as long as the world exists. In the meantime, while we are all living, the museum has been self funded by the founders. That has been tolerable so far, but as we explore enhancing the museum experience, we will need to explore ways to raise some revenue.
We wanted to create a win-win situation for the disc community and the FDM. A few months ago we applied for and received our Non-profit corporation status in the state of Arizona and a few weeks ago the Feds awarded us our 501(c)(3) status. That makes us a bonafide charitable organization. The upshot is if you have a collection of discs laying around and you don’t know what to do with them, you can donate them to the museum and get a tax deduction for the fair market value of your items. The FDM will clean, house, photograph and give you credit for them in the item’s descriptor. The museum will/may eventually sell them to raise money to enhance our museum. There is always an outside chance we can find a brick and mortal building to showcase our hobby but that is expensive proposition, so for now, online is what we have.
We have spoken about a large upgrade to your online experience. We will start to explore that in more detail in the coming months. If, in the meantime, you would like to donate your old plastic to a good cause and get a tax deduction for it, feel free to email us at THANK YOU!

Shane K Smith I’d like to know where you found these! Mike Hughes!

Mike Hughes Back in 2018, we were about to open the museum and I needed more golf discs so I bought Tom Monroe’s collection. Much to my delight, all three of these 82 molds came in that transaction. Since I collect sets, I love all of the discs you have and I think I have quite a few of them. I’m sure you had a hand in making all of these. Can you tell me how Tom got them and how many of these 82 molds were made, and when?

Tom Monroe Shane gave them to me. He and I did a few shows together. He was the only “one man Frisbee show” ever. Super guy.

Mike Hughes Hi Tom! I hope you are well man. Thanks for sharing how you got these discs. Have a great December buddy.

Shane K Smith Mike Hughes , I have an interesting story for you to follow up on. Tom and I were 2 of maybe 14 full time Demo teams that were awarded 300 discs with their name on them. I was proud of mine. Tom and Stork should know the exact numbers. I was awarded 300.…/the-flying-disc…/ I have one good one of mine left and a cracked one. You managed to get one of Tom’s intact. This will be a great spot if we can all remember who was touring full time at the time!

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Tom Monroe Mike Hughes You too, Mike. Great job here.

Click on link below to article within The Flying Disc Museum.

Mike Hughes from the Flying Disc Museum also has some incredible Bike Skills!

I traveled with Harvey Brandt for three months in 1979 doing shows in The Northeast United States.

SFDS  FDM Mike Hughes Harvey Brandt MTA   Mike Hughes Admin Top contributor   ·   · O, those cherished memories. 3 days ago marked 4 decades since I won MTA at the US Open. I’ll never forget it. I don’t recall which throw it was, but I do remember watching my green Jimmy Carter 3 mold mung and I new I had a good throw. I raced to where I thought the disc would land and caught the disc with the back of my hand on the ground. I milked it for all it was worth. Harvey Brandt must have had the best throw in the semis as he was the last to throw. I couldn’t watch….my roommate at the time, Frank Allen stood next to me as Harvey threw and within seconds he said, “He turned it over, you won!”. I walked out to the middle of the field where Stork handed me my trophy and I looked into the ABC cameras. I don’t recall saying anything but after the “ceremony”, I was walking along the edge of the field when legend Victor A Malafronte came up to me and asked to see my trophy. I handed it to him, he looked at it and said, “this is nice, I don’t even have one of these”. That made me feel 100 feet tall. O, those cherished memories!

Published by shanesflyingdiscshow did thousands of Frisbee shows all over the United States for over 30 years. Shane is also a photographer.

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