Taco Has Diabetes

Taco Bello our Rat Terrier was having a hard time getting up the steps. I thought Oh No! So I took him to Village Vet in Clemmons NC.

Jennifer and her husband, Dr. Waller recommended Doggie Rimadyl. He was OK for a month. Then the poor guy started to lose his sight and started losing his bladder in the house. He has never been like that. He is the guy that comes and pokes me when it is time to go! So we went back to the Vet. They recommended a urine sample. Vet Village discovered Taco has a case of Diabetes. We have been through an assortment of levels of insulin. As far as I am concerned Village Vet most certainly extended Taco’s life. Taco gets carried up and down the steps, but he can negotiate a jump from the bed to the chair to his water. Plus he makes me take him to Tanglewood all the time. Don’t give up on your dog! Taco has a cool little girlfriend and gets along alright for a blind old man!

This photo is misleading as Taco gets his shots in a roll of loose skin near his neck area.

Jennifer and her family taught me how to give shots. My smart wife already knew how.

I save the needles in soda bottles or empty Milk Bone jugs. I snip the tops of the needles off.

I’ve seen diabetes take the life of a family member one joint at a time. I also lost a High School friend to it. Do what the Doctor tells you to do!

Thanks Village Vet!


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