Saint Augustine Florida

Everyone needs a Saint Augustine fantasy in their lifetime. Prepare yourself for a broken heart! This will be the first of a lifelong love affair with St Augustine.

Everyday the carriages would clip clop past the house my girlfriend and i were taking care of. Insert sword into heart now!
Anything I can spin or balance, Michael Spin-Man Kettman can Spin and Balance better. That hurts because I made my living spinning Frisbees!
I met this young savant when he was 14. At that time he was doing commercials that paid his way through college spinning at least 10 balls on his finger and other parts of his body! He thinks he is retiring now. He spins 29 balls. He spins nine or ten balls blind folded.

You can stay on this page and view my stills. Just hover the mouse to the right edge and middle of the photo. The < and > arrows will appear. if you end up in FlickR land don’t panic. Just come back and visit me sometime!

St Augustine 20171106_6313 Fort Moon e1
St Augustine 20160212_6570

Published by shanesflyingdiscshow did thousands of Frisbee shows all over the United States for over 30 years. Shane is also a photographer.

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