Blockbuster Scrapbook Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Hulene  Parks Compton Scrapbook Part One and Part Two.

Guy Stephen Patterson Scrapbook.

South Wallets!

Hulene and I wanted to get this scrapbook done before Steve Passed on.  However, our timing didn’t work that way.

Any of us that have made the papers  knows it is addicting to see our names along with our friends whether we win or lose.  I bet I have re-read every article that Hulene saved for us again.

We will all benefit from this amazing testament to a great athlete and his teammates.  We also get BONUS TIME because all of Steve’s teammates were also extraordinary. We will have Baseball, Softball, Football and Wrestling articles! We will also have full resolution 8×10 Cheerleading photos!

Don’t let me forget something!  We are also gifted with more athletes and they are our CHEERLEADERS. An awesome Chief, Hulene, kept her Cheerleading  8x10s and has given us an insight into how many hours from elementary through High School that she and her teams dedicated to  The Sport of Cheerleading!

I will be breaking this gift from Steve’s family and Hulene into a few places.  I may duplicate some photos, but these are worth looking at more than once.  I will add to the Guy Stephen Patterson memorial page.  Then I will break down the  articles and photos in groups.  For example I have a Wallets group, a Basketball group, a Football group a Tennis group, a Wrestling group and a Baseball group. 

To date, 20210314 I have 235 news articles and photos scanned.  I have about 50 more half page articles to go.

I’d like to thank Guy Stephen Patterson’s family and Hulene Parks Compton for making this project possible.

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Jim Willett is THE WAR WAGON!

I Remember him needing a crate or a few friends to haul off his trophies!

Shane K Smith wins most valuable in Tennis!

I was honored to have worked so hard to win Most Valuable Player for our team and Most Valuable for our conference. But the greatest part of that night was getting to sit so close to Cathy!

Hulene Parks Compton knew that Steve Patterson’s family had saved almost every clip in the paper from his Little League Career, Wrestling Career and Football Career from three papers.  They combed the Sport’s pages of The Salisbury Post, The Kannapolis Tribune and The Concord Paper.  All of his teammates reaped the benefits as many of these players may have lost their scrapbooks.

Hulene worked on getting these articles to me for two years.  We wanted to do it before Steve Passed on. After  Steve passed she was  able to get the Scrapbook from Brent and Brenna. It is not easy to trust someone with  the history of your family.  I’m grateful and I am sure Steve’s Teammates are grateful!

There will be a couple of places to view his memorial photos. One will be on the memorial page I created for him here:

The other will be in a FlickR album here:

Hulene Parks Compton scrapbook  66 Guy Stephen (Steve) Patterson Walletts

This video teaser is temporary and I’d like to thank Bill Scott for the South intro and the Send off by Bill Baldwin! Be sure to hit the HD button!

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