This unfinished labor of Love was brought to us by “Destiny”!

This story to be continued.

Destiny Thatcher

“So happy and excited to share the book that my dad was working on before he passed. Although it’s unfinished, I loved reading it and I hope you do too!”

“I honestly didn’t quite realize that my very own father was such a true Pioneer in disc sports. He had such high hopes and dreams and was always thinking about what he could do next in the frisbee world and how to get people, especially kids (his students) into disc sports. I loved watching him teach all of the games that he had created to his students and I loved playing them myself whether it was with family or friends.”

“There’s a lot more to the book but the games that he created are most special to me and I have the best memories playing disc sports with my dad. I’m looking forward to teaching and playing these games with my own kids. FLY FOREVER DAD.”

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