This unfinished labor of Love was brought to Gary Perlberg’s attention by “Destiny”!

This story to be continued.

Gary Perlberg


Find Gary at the link above. He has built an amazing group called The Flying Disc Collector’s Consortium also known as FDCC.

From Gary. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the FDCC, it gives me great pleasure to bestow the last great work of Mr. Jan Sobel to his friends, fans and family. Through the efforts of Destiny Sobel Thatcher and Shane K. Smith, I bring you this definitive treatise written by Jan just a few short years before his passing. Please read Jan’s heart felt thoughts, feelings and motivations to become one of the most successful Disc Sports entrepreneurs among us. Jan spent a good part of his life forging new and creative discs to use in established Disc Sports. He pioneered through territory thought to be impassable. He created his own paths. He was a man who never took ‘No’ for an answer. I greatly loved and admired my friend, now gone from this world. I now cherish, love and appreciate the solidarity I have with his daughter Destiny. Please enjoy this ‘unfinished’ book from the mind of a very special individual. Thanks to the entire Sobel Family as well. And immense thanks go to Shane Smith for his technical ability, friendship and love. RIP Jan Sobel.”

Destiny Thatcher

“So happy and excited to share the book that my dad was working on before he passed. Although it’s unfinished, I loved reading it and I hope you do too!”

“I honestly didn’t quite realize that my very own father was such a true Pioneer in disc sports. He had such high hopes and dreams and was always thinking about what he could do next in the frisbee world and how to get people, especially kids (his students) into disc sports. I loved watching him teach all of the games that he had created to his students and I loved playing them myself whether it was with family or friends.”

“There’s a lot more to the book but the games that he created are most special to me and I have the best memories playing disc sports with my dad. I’m looking forward to teaching and playing these games with my own kids. FLY FOREVER DAD.”

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