South Rowan High School Alumni Veterans

If I missed any, don’t shoot. Please get your photo to me so we can have the best representation!

Beth Gaskey Kesler, Thanks for reminding me about Frank White. Somehow I zapped your comment but I added him to the flickr slider and to the South group’s photos!

Ricky Conner RIP 2020

Frank White

Karl Rau

A Quick Story from Dr. Chris Campbell

“Okay Shane :-),
Here’s a quick story for you.  This story has been, for years, one of my prime examples of how I know there’s a God (not that I don’t have plenty). There is no such thing as coincidence.
Back in 1983, this same time of the year, I was on my way back from a six-week Tanker Task Force deployment to England, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the Azores, Germany, etc.  We were “towing” a flight of F-4s across the pond from England back to the US at the end of our assignment. At the end of the first leg, we dropped into Iceland for the night, landing on the 5th of December at Keflavik. Now the 5th of December also happens to be the birthday of my oldest best friend, Steve Baker.  Steve had joined the Navy right out of high school, and though he didn’t graduate from South, he might have if his family hadn’t moved from Enochville to Concord and then Huntersville during his youth. Across all those moves though, Steve and I had remained friends. Steve was, by that time, a life support specialist, I think, on P-3s, based out of Jacksonville NAS, but that particular year, that particular December, he was halfway through a long deployment to Keflavik, away from his wife, and maybe a daughter by this time. The point is, on that December 5th, 1983, two boys from Enochville, NC, in two different branches of the service, met for beer and ping pong at the Keflavik Club, to celebrate one of their birthdays, thousands of miles from home, on an island dark and frozen, on the only day I would ever set foot there. There is no such thing as coincidence. 
Attached is a photo of the two of us, taken near Patuxent River NAS in the summer of 1980. Steve was stationed there at the time, and I was in the middle of a six-week TDY to the Pentagon the summer before my senior year at the USAFA. Still seems like yesterday.  And another more recent of Steve and daughter, Amanda.
I hope you have a safe and merry Christmas, and a far more normal new year than this one we’re wrapping up.
Thanks again for all you do to keep us all connected.

Fredrick Gibson, 20 years and 6 months in the Marines!

Terry’s friend counting his bars.

Richard L Rogers, Teacher South 1975 era!

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