Oak Hollow Lake Marina

Oak Hollow Lake

High Point, NC

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sigma DG 150-500mm -6.3 1:5 APOHSM

Nikon D-600

Nikon D-7000

16mm 1.2.8  AF-Fisheye Nikkor

I started shooting around 5:30pm waiting for the Super Moon and some telephoto lens practice.  I still can’t get the moon shots right to save my neck.  I was allowed to stay past closing time because the girl was working overtime and was very nice. I am not sure I made the moon shot.  My battery went to half Power.  I shot 20 gb of shots, which was about 450 jpg and their NEF copies.  I couldn’t get the ducks to fly to save my tail but a couple adopted me came to me and posed.  I didn’t have any food either.  I think I got one black bird to fly for me.  For the Flying shots, I may need the monitor attachment, if one of them would fly!  I shot these the old-fashioned way, with a tripod and through the view finder.  Sigmon’s formula worked on the only shots that looked like a Moon! Sigmon Whitener has been a lifelong photographer teacher.  Thanks, Sigmon, I’ll get the exif info on those!  It was my Fifth time out with this lens.  It was a workout for about Five hours shooting!

Oak Hollow Lake Marina 20140714_3846

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