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Nothing can come between us!

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure!

Main Specs

  • Engine: 1254 cc Air/liquid-cooled 4-stroke flat twin engine.
  • Power: 136 HP.
  • Torque: 105 lbs-ft.
  • Wet Weight: 549 lbs (249 kg)
  • Seat Height: 33.5 in (850 mm) **Other options available.”

First Day New Tool! Much more to come! She cut through an amazing storm like butter with Fire engines , EMTs and Rescues squads called out in several counties. That’s the way I like it!

I will have thousands of photos in the near future. For now you can make fun of my High Water Jeans! I will have updates.

See Tunes below for Sade!

I must be dreaming!

Photos from Brandon and Andrew at BMW of Greensboro!

Thanks to Brandon Andrew and Jan for an incredible first day!

My wonderful wife is an Angel!

Riders of The Storm!

Motorcycle log Cabin refurbish BMW r GSa 1250 20220711_0148 Sade

In the past two days I ran into 2 different people that came to my aid. Both of those people had owned BMW’s or had them in their family. The first couple stopped after I asked them to take my photo. The kind Gentleman knew more about my camera and bike than I do. Today 20220724, My tripod fell off my bike and was dragging behind me. A good man flagged me down. When I pulled off to stop two really cool 20 something year old men stopped to help me tie it back down! Twenty years ago I dropped a Harley with my wife on it. Within two second a truck full of young bikers jumped out to help us lift it back up! I have guardian angels everywhere!

Someone I know hit 91 mph today, 20220726 for a few brief seconds. That someone has never been that fast on two wheels before.

There is this cool little cove close to the painted horses that I have always wanted to stop by and just sit or look! Today I just looked. I didn’t want to mess up the biology happening on the Stones!

Talk about Horse Power!

Yes, Sade is looking more and more like my bike. I have never owned a bag, a car, a van, a trailer or a motorcycle that I couldn’t over pack. I just hope I don’t impale myself or my wife on the portable step

I have now dropped my bike twice in my driveway for no particular reason. I did it on both sides. The crash bar saved my heads. The first time I picked the bike up by the book. I walked it up backwards. The second time I needed help. My neighbor Gary came to the rescue. He is about ten times stronger than I am and made it seem easy. I’ve watched every video possible on picking up a bike. They put the hurt on me by using vertically challenged females that pick the bike up with ease. Now I’ve dropped a Harley and a BMW. I’m a fairly dangerous man!

Today is 20220829. Someone hit 100m.p.h. for a brief second today.

About 10:30pm Friday night I was doing about 55 mph on a back country road and heard a POW like a low caliber gunshot, more located to the front of me. I thought my front tire blew out. I went mushy in the back with just very little sway. Fortunately there was a country store two blocks ahead of me. The insurance people couldn’t find a tow all night long. But at 9:00pm sharp Paul, from BMW was out the door in his awesome van. He walked the bike up his ramp and into the rescue van like a seasoned pro. My biggest regret of the 12 hour adventure was not getting a shot of his cool van and wonderful companion Shepherd! But there is time for that! I found out my Disc skills have diminished greatly due to lack of practice. I may have to change that. For now I need to also practice riding the bike! Those are two great problems to have. I didn’t bend the rim. I didn’t crash on the side of a dark country road. My awesome wife brought me a steak sandwich about three or four am. I also read half the manual which the tech guy at the store will appreciate! I accidentally answered a phone call with the helmet and even made a call, so I am learning.

On The Road Again with a new Bandana and a new tire!

Just Hanging out, looking for adventure, ready to head out on the Highway!

I was Hanging out at my favorite Biker Bar, Cindy’s Snow Creamery and a short though passed through my shallow mind. Both my tires are different sizes but my sensors ended up in the same spot when I landed! There has to be some math to that!

Gelände/Straße BMW Motorrad is best known for its adventure motorcycles: The GS Range. GS stands for Gelände/Straße (German: off-road/road.)”

Sade under Cover! Shot with an iphone 13.

The above photo is in Myrtle Beach, SC at the old wooden Roller Coaster.

Keep coming back. I’m trying a new adobe trick just in case they decide to work with wordpress.

Each link is the best of an adventure.

Motorcycle adobe links Sade

#100YearsBMWMotorrad and #BMWMotorradUSA

I am finding lots of empty churches. I love to have the entire place to myself to stretch and practice moves and turns. This LDS Church in Clemmons is trying to work its’ magic on me. It is a long story I will tell you sometime.

Gallery Shots for the Cool People at the Greensboro Shop!

I’d like to keep you on my page as much as I can. So if I place a youtube video in here try to come back and visit me. I am going to build a series of practice sessions from Moto Jitsu and anyone that is willing to spend some time with me. I’ll try to give bonus eye candy by riding the long way home and show some home bound person an escape. When I can’t ride anymore, I’ll have some long videos to help soothe me.

Today is 20230601. I found some sort of Rider’s Course at Davidson County Community College. Since I don’t know what the lines are for yet I made up some of my own rules and practiced going right and left through the short and quick S curves. I obvious need practice. The ride to this place has a lake I can look at and lots of Country Road eye candy. Let’s get started.

I will be back. I have lots of room for improvement! However, I could feel myself getting better with each pass. I’m 65. I saw a man on a three wheeler today. He said I was doing alright. He must be well over 70. But he moves like he is 45. I’ll find a name for him next time we meet.

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