Motorcycle BMW Sade RCR Longhorn Cattle

There is something about a bike that makes you wanna stop and check out the Longhorn Cattle! Oh home on the range. Where the BMW and Richard Childress’ long horn cattle play! First week out. I need a helmet adjustment and I can’t keep the clutch side hand cover tight.

Sade (Char-Day)

Nothing can come between us! BMW R 1250 GS Adventure! “Main Specs Engine: 1254 cc Air/liquid-cooled 4-stroke flat twin engine. Power: 136 HP. Torque: 105 lbs-ft. Wet Weight: 549 lbs (249 kg) Seat Height: 33.5 in (850 mm) **Other options available.” First Day New Tool! Much more to come! She cut through an amazing stormContinue reading “Sade (Char-Day)”

Surfside Beach, SC, Suck Bang Blow, Dead Dog Saloon, Murrells Inlet, SC, Georgetown, SC

Coolest Bike on The Block!

Dr. Doc Christopher Campbell

Doc is about to jump out of a mechanical device built by humans that is prone to failure! I was treated to the best seat in the house to one of Christopher Campbell’s celebrity jumps in to Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston Salem, NC. Doc protected our country and educated our troops and did hisContinue reading “Dr. Doc Christopher Campbell”

East Bend Motocross

Keep up with events at the track Physical Address:1036 Speedway DriveEast Bend, NC 27018 Find the follow button on Shane’s FlickR page to make sure you don’t miss any of his posts. Friend Shane on Then find his East Bend Facebook photo group here: Here are about 250 of my favorites outContinue reading “East Bend Motocross”

King’s Forest

I know you are thinking, I never lived in King’s Forest. I adopted you. Some of the slides in this album may be backasswards. Can you help me spot them? Also FlickR may only let you see 500 of the 564 photos in this album. So you may have to travel into FlickR. Please comeContinue reading “King’s Forest”

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Island Vista Inn Pure Luxury is checking in to a hotel right on the beach when you have a perfectly good camper at home. Not only were we treated to an upgrade in a penthouse suite, the pool was full of beautiful teen aged girls. When they came to sit in the Jacuzzi withContinue reading “Myrtle Beach, South Carolina”

Bubba Blackwell Motorcycle Stuntman You can tell a class act when you meet one!  In this case I met two!  Bubba Blackwell and his partner Ron worked their asses off in 100 degree plus weather for two shows at Smokin’ Harley Davidson in Winston-Salem, NC 20190713!  He treated me to a first-class spot and made meContinue reading “Bubba Blackwell Motorcycle Stuntman”