Coach Steve Mabry, r.i.p. 20231019

Coach Mabry was good to me!!/TributeWall “November 15, 1947 – October 16, 2023” From Tim Goodman. Tim Goodman   It was so sad to hear that a past teacher , coach , friend and mentor passed away. Steve Mabry you will be missed. The people you touched in so many different ways will beContinue reading “Coach Steve Mabry, r.i.p. 20231019”

Irwin Bostian, r.i.p.

James Irwin Bostian 20230814 Glenn Foster   · Class of 75. We have lost our classmate and friend James Irwin Bostian today. I just received the news from his sister. He was the music talent I got to share with, the church brother to many of us and team mates on way to many courtsContinue reading “Irwin Bostian, r.i.p.”

Frisbee Shane’s Flying Disc Show Favorites from Historic Friends!

Jo Cahow Changed my Life! This pin lived on my Van wall paneling for 25 years!

South Alumni 1973 to 1977 era 20230630

Karen Eagle Rocks Foreigner

Yearbooks 1973 to 1977

Yearbooks 1973 to 1977 I included your Junior High School Year also! To date 20230427 South Rowan Southerner 1976 The 1976 Yearbook was passed on to Scott and Diana Aldridge from John J Scott. Shane Smith is putting it together now. Faces for Facebook! I found an Acrylic painting by Teresa Keiger from her HighContinue reading “Yearbooks 1973 to 1977”