The Flying Disc Museum

Mike Hughes Mike Hughes has planned to make Disc History last for a few more generations. He has put $500,000.00 to pass on and maintain a Flying Disc Museum. I may be off a few dollars but I can correct this. I’ll try to add more to this article as I can. It is aContinue reading “The Flying Disc Museum”

Shane’s Flying Disc Show and 7-UP

Shane and Seven Up raised awareness and money for Muscular Dystrophy in the neatest of ways. Shane had an idea and was living in the middle of the State. I had just done the last end of a school tour and money was thin. This park in Lancaster was PERFECT for me. There were sixContinue reading “Shane’s Flying Disc Show and 7-UP”

Shane’s Flying Disc Show

You may have been re-directed to my photography page if you were looking for Shane’s Flying Disc Show.  Dream Weaver just blew me away.  I could only get so much help from Go Daddy before they refused to help me get through the hard parts of web pages, like connecting FTP sites with Dreamweaver andContinue reading “Shane’s Flying Disc Show”

Air brushing with a new dog friend for my dog Alpha. A quick five and a short mini delay!

Shane is a semi-Retired Frisbee Pro. He is also a photographer.