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The master collections are here:

I fckd up bad. I loaded a bunch of political videos on a web page where my South videos are. Someone violated me. So I will be rebuilding for awhile. I had over 450 videos on Vimeo.

I have video here:….

When you get to my youtube link, type south in the search bar.


Some of these spark albums are all over the place.  Remember like on WordPress, you can click on individual photos and see titles then you can use the arrow buttons to navigate.  On FlickR you can actually search for each other. Spark is a creation by adobe that allowed me a new way to set up my photos. However their end result is they want me locked into adobe. It hasn’t worked for me yet but I came up with a few good experiments I would rather not delete!

South Sparkles 20210809

How to find a bunch of buried stuff in the Facebook group.

The wordpress access is a little tricky. If I can do it you can do it.

The menus are a challenge to me. For example I have hyper links in the South Master Collections by Shane menu. Plus if you are delicate enough with the mouse you can click on that triangle and i have much more individualized stories and photos. The South memorial works the same way!

These description illustrations are screen shots not hyperlinked pages so don’t panic.

If the menu line is underlined, click it to make it go. You can also chose to click the triangle which opens more. The menu is sort of like a cover page and the drop downs are bonus.

Published by shanesflyingdiscshow did thousands of Frisbee shows all over the United States for over 30 years. Shane is also a photographer.

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