Timothy Alexander

RIP. Daniel Timothy Alexander

Daniel Temme Alexander

Without a doubt Tim was one of the kindest men I ever met. We had a small party at Rupp’s house once and Tim let me take this photo.  Tim died young.  I understand this photo lived on the wall of his family’s house for many years.  Jim Willett said it best. “He let  me borrow his expensive muscle car.  Who does that?”

Since the invention of Facebook I have been able to meet Tim’s son, Daniel. Just like his Dad,

Daniel works hard!

From Daniel, Concerning the spelling of Tim vs Temme “Daniel Timothy Alexander but when he was born his father told the nurse that he wanted his name to be Daniel Temme Alexander, Temme being his dads military buddy, but the nurse assumed he meant Timothy as the full legal name and and just thought his dad meant Timmy for short.”

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