Taco and Aroo Catch for You

Taco and Aroo Catch for You!

10/29/20 7:28:04 PM

I’m not trying to pretend to be Lawrence Frederick!  Those are some hard-working shoes to fill.  I just want my dogs to catch something: A Cold, a clue or a piece of treat out of the air.  I’ve been bouncing a piece of dog biscuit off of Aroo Hu the Schnauzers head for almost a year now.  Taco the Rat Terrier is going blind.  He used to snag almost anything I could throw at him.  But AROO has caught TEN treats now, two of them trailing edges out of mid-air.

Some of you may know I toured the country for 20 plus years doing Frisbee demos.  I was asked about 50 times a day, does your dog catch Frisbees!   I had to tell them no they would all rather chase sticks!  The only wonderful dog I had that was billed as a Frisbee dog was not really a Frisbee dog.  It was a last-minute demand by an over excited agent to gain a new sponsor and make my life tougher.  I would love to be like Lawrence Frederick, however having a couple of cool dogs and doing whatever we want is awesome too.  I’m not ever ruling out doing a dog act one day, but for right now I’m amazed my dogs still pay attention to me!

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