South Wallets

In the 1973 to 1977 High School era we physically handed each other Wallet photos. Many of us are still alive to enjoy them! I’ll be honest with you as usual. I am not entirely certain why my first feature collage with the red background is in Black and White. I must have missed a button. But I like it. Since this is my first experiment like this I will also repeat the feature image in color using WordPress’s software. You will be able to individually click on those wallets. By making wallets or using FlickR I can save money on web space. But I am going to splurge a little because I like this idea. I can always revise my posts and add to the collection.

South Wallets from Hulene Parks Compton

Hulene was embarrassed that she had so many wallets of herself. My first reaction is that her parents more than likely put those in her file before they all got away.

I think it is just the perfect amount of photos. We are grateful to have a progression of one of our favorite Cheerleaer and friend!

You will usually find my Feature or top photo is larger than the other ones. Sometimes I use a FlickR embedR. It often plays the slide show within WordPress or will link to FlickR. But often as in the above wallets, I used the WordPress software. You can also click on each photo. and surf individually.

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