Special Needs, Homeless or Pan Handling Superstars

Of course, there may be a deeper story.  One day I plan to hand out a little money to some tragically homeless to document life on the median.  There is a big difference from those that need it and those that don’t.  Unless they were connected to the elderly couple living in their car at Sheetz for the day then I’ll probably get my Godsmacks or a visit from the Karma Queen for thinking this. Pan handling is lucrative and there are turf wars in Winston.  The homeless are getting aggressive and mean.  I witnessed this guy slap a car and run screaming after the couple that must have said something smart when they went by.  He was screaming BITCH, WHORE…the usual and standing in traffic shouting COME BACK HERE BITCH Come On!  He looked like he was more on steroids than meth. He glared into the car windows using his female partner and his obviously pregnant dog as distraction.  I thought they had the dog on a short leash for the median.  But she was so well behaved she didn’t move off the block with hundreds of cars passing.  But this good-looking couple were doing sprints on a very familiar cross way at the Lexington Winston-Salem border line. I mean running to the vehicles like athletes.  I figured it was “Drug Money Day” as they don’t have to walk too far to the drug store! But my rage at this perfectly healthy couple was shattered when I saw a guy with two wooden legs and palsy hobble from a car facing the couple into Sheetz.  But I couldn’t bring myself to aim my camera at him.  If they become regulars I will know. I was trying to justify in my mind why a couple in this great of shape were panhandling. A closer look on the female I can see she has bit her nails to the bone. There are two very attractive twenty something girls working the grocery store and Academy street near Old Salem.  I just haven’t had the right opportunity to do the right story.  For there are some truly helpless people out there. I also noticed a hooptie looking vehicle with a temporary tag on it.  But I didn’t shoot it.

I’ve seen towns where the homeless grab your wipers and wash your windows whether you want them to or not.   I didn’t see any pandering tags.  All I could make out on the good-looking woman was a fit bit and a watch.  This male is going to peer in to the family of some town officials before long, then they just won’t pass them by anymore. I saw a deputy from Davidson blow by without even blinking not  long after the shouting incident and blocking of traffic.

Jump in if you can help me tell the pan handlers where to go for help.  But chances are slim they will ask for any because the money is too good at rush hour!


Rumors are Whoopie may have lost her care taker. I missed a chance to buy her a coke as we passed right by each other. Our paths cross frequently.

Whoopie’s Bike

This is Whoopie’s Bike. I have seen her with three different bikes.  Or she modifies her bikes. On close inspection you can see the chain is off track. She is usually seen pushing her bike.

 People from Winston-Salem aren’t sure if she is homeless or if she just likes to walk her bike all over a large town.  I am on the same path as her.  Tonight 20201130 I saw her sleeping in a booth at a local restaurant.  I couldn’t bring myself to aim my camera at her.  But her bike rocks.  I don’t know what the special tape means.  The monkey seems to be the current fashion statement!  She used to have a special doll that road on the front handle bars.

Sigma Through windshield Winston Salem Homeless Office


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