Bob Huston and Sueanne Crisafulli Huston


Life on the road is never easy, especially when you attempt the no frills Frisbee tour of the greater North East United States. Bob Huston and I did three months of shows together and hit 180 shows in probably 100 towns!  That means we worked our butts off.  Bob had a cool station wagon named Betsy!  You can’t appreciate the  beauty of a station wagon until you are between shows in a town and have no expenses left for hotels.  If we didn’t sell  tons of Mini-Frisbees we would have certainly starved but for a nice  couple that ordered too much Chinese food and  shared it all with us one night.

We were good together and the crowds loved us.  We found a  College town that was a Physical Education College, Brockport, NY!  There we met a disc player named Stephen Athenias

and in turn ended up  meeting three awesome girls.  After the first night Bob had a giant grin on his face and was jumping down the street pumping his fist in the air “YES! YES! YES!   SHE IS THE ONE!”  Bob found the woman of his dreams in Suanne Crisafulli and got happily married.

One show in particular near the town of Brockport was close enough that  Sueanne and her two room mates made an appearance  at the very end of the show.  It was perfect.  Bob and I did a great job at the show and we were both plastered up against the wall signing autographs for the entire school and in walks three Smoking Hot College Ladies in large brimmed hats and they were headed our way!  I’m glad Bob is still alive to back that up!

Bob and Sueanne went on with their careers and Bob eventually ended up working for Discraft!

Recently this month of May in 2022 He  and Sueanne both were inducted into the Michigan Disc Golf Hall of fame.

Congratulations Bob and Sueanne!

Awesome memory from Sueanne!

Update: Betsy only had an AM radio. The AM stations back in the day only played one song ALL DAY LONG! The song was Heart Ache Tonight! There is going to be a Heart Ache tonight I know!

I found a Betsy (ish) Station Wagon today 20221230. But she can’t be Betsy!

Sueanne Crisafulli Huston

· Forty years ago back in 1983 Robert A. Huston and I ran the first Discraft Great Lakes Open disc golf tournament which we continued to run for its first 12 years. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the DGLO and I am so excited to be here for it. Yesterday we walked the Toboggan course in Milford where some of the best players in the world are about to converge. We have watched this sport grow from total purses of a couple hundred dollars to some now over $100,000 with last year’s DGPT championship at $300,000. We have watched players get million dollar sponsorships when for decades there were none. We have watched courses grow from short holes in the 150-300 foot range to 300-900 foot holes on some of the more challenging courses. The skill of the players today is amazing. Happy to have had a small part in the history of this sport.

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