Jo Cahow Changed my Life

She was my vision of a barefooted, athletic and kind California Girl! The arid climate and gentle Beach Breezes created the perfect Recreation area. It was something you might see in a dream. Or you might see in the background of every good movie made in Los Angeles. For thirty miles barely clothed people of all ages roller skated and rode bikes on a 30 mile path that bordered the beach from Marina Dell Ray to Santa Barbara. The most talented landed where we landed on the Venice Green one block from Muscle Beach. Movies were always being made there. After six months of practicing with The Pacific Floaters and The Washington Square Wizards, The second in command of The International Frisbee Association made time for me to give her my ideas.

I went to the 1978 Rose Bowl Frisbee Championships in Pasadena California thanks to a suggestion from a cool friend, Sigmon Whitener. I went into a “spin” that would change my life. I said I can do that. By fate I moved to Venice Beach, California and six blocks from my apartment was The Venice Green where most of the World Champion Freestyle players came to practice. The best were The Pacific Coast Floaters and The Washington Square Wizards. The Washington Square Wizards came all the way from New York City. I had an idea and took it to Jo Cahow. Jo was the second in command of the International Frisbee Association. Daniel Roddick, known as Stork was the President. Jo liked my ideas and pointed me toward Tom Monroe from Alabama and Florida. Only Tom was fast enough to be from two places at once! Tom turned me on to a tour as a replacement for three months. I got to tour the Northeastern United States with World Champion Harvey Brandt.

I stayed really busy until 1995 and eased up after a 300 city, nine month tour that criss crossed the United States.

Before Jo passed on she gave Gregg Hosfeld her scrapbook. I think Jo wouldn’t mind if her friends were mixed into her page. I will add more articles, photos and video snips as I find them. I will try to get this to her son Steve.

Thank You Mike Hughes from The Flying Disc Museum.

Bonus For Dan “The Stork” Roddick

JO and Dan “The Stork” Roddick packing the house!

Double Bonus Download Dan and Jo Narrate The 1975 World Championship from Shane

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